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Fabrics Go High-Tech(er) in 2008

Does budget fashion breed innovation among designers? While this issue is hotly debated, I'm inclined to think it most certainly does. It would seem only logical that designers at the top have to push their materials, techniques and styles to new horizons in order to keep ahead of the imitators and knock-offs close at their heels.

Here is perhaps one such example of designer innovation, spurred at least in part by the need to stand out from a "sea of imitation," and create a unique and desirable product that can call a high pricetag:

"High-tech fabrics, such as those with anti-microbial or rubberized properties, are increasingly finding their way onto the runways. Burberry is selling a trench coat made from rubberized materials originally developed for scuba diving. Two hundred dollar T-shirts by a company called Established 1887 are embedded with silver chips that have antimicrobial properties to repel stains and odors. As an added benefit, these fabrics are harder to knock off and so help designers differentiate their clothes from a sea of imitation."

I think thats pretty cool- and when you pay more for it you do actually feel like its something harder to get, and more "unique"- That Burberry coat is really pretty too! And the t-shirts with the silver, very clever, although honestly I"m surprised it took people so long to try that out, silver ware got its name way back when because it was used as plates and utensils FOR the antibacterial properties! Does that mean we'll be eating off our clothes one day? lol
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