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Stacy London's Latest Passion: Free Fashion Styling for All!

Have you ever wished you could be on What Not to Wear and have Stacy London "make you over" head to toe? I know I have! But in my dream scenario, I wouldn't have to embarrass myself in front of millions of TV viewers. I'd just have Stacy swing by my house and do a complete wardrobe overhaul and maybe tell me what to wear each day for, say, the next ten years.

While that fantasy isn't going to happen, I've discovered the next best thing at the Westfield Style lounge. You see, Stacy has teamed up with Westfield malls to offer shoppers free styling advice from professionally trained Style for Hire stylists. I had the chance to check out the service for myself (see my review here) and last week, I got to chat with Stacy about her role as Creative Director for this groundbreaking new program.

Stacy says teaming up with Westfield was the perfect opportunity to put her philosophy into practice, namely, to provide women of all ages, lifestyles, and body shapes with the tools and techniques to shop smarter, develop supreme style self-confidence, and find the absolute perfect looks for them.

What's unique about working with a stylist in a mall setting is that your shopping experience can become much more personalized, Stacy says. "What you're looking for may not be what the person next to you is looking for," she explains. When you meet with a Style for Hire stylist, they're going to be able to address your specific concerns and challenges, whether it's dressing for work, a changing figure or overcoming specific fashion phobias.

When you come to the Style Lounge, all you need is an open mind, says Stacy. The stylists will take it from there, offering you a road map for successful dressing. "Think of us as your style GPS," she says. Whether you find shopping to be nervewracking or a pleasure, a pro stylist can help you assess your wardrobe and give you a shopping list to build a closet that makes sense for you.

Stacy says a free visit to the Westfield Style Lounge can also help you stay within your budget and save money in the long run. Having a strategy, knowing your body type, understanding what's worth investing in and what's not - these are the types of money- and time-saving tips that Stacy says a professional stylist can impart.

When you leave the Style Lounge, Stacy hopes you'll feel empowered and armed with the information you need. And she hopes you'll come back - after all, we spend a lot of time at the mall yet we don't always leave feeling satisfied with our purchases. "This is another way to get more out of that experience," she says.

Disclosure: I am a Westfield Style blogger ambassador. The decision to write this post and the opinions expressed within are entirely my own.
Now if only one of the Westfields near me would have this!
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