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How could someone with access to all of the world's top fashion still end up looking like that? I just don't get it... correction: its proof that money can't buy taste! (or a mirror!)
#1 Peaches on 2008-03-27 23:41 (Reply)
It looks like pajamas to me. Funny, Ashley wore this same romper back in 2005.
#2 taylor (Homepage) on 2008-03-28 08:00 (Reply)
You raise two good points: 1) pajamas-as-daywear is apparently another hot Spring trend (see designer Karen Walker's SS08 collection) and 2) wearing garments more than once is now being applauded as "green" - and anything green has to be good, right...? ;-)
#2.1 The Budget Babe on 2008-03-28 08:53 (Reply)
Pajamas as daywear is VILE!!!! I don't care how comfortable you are, you end up looking like a slob. There is nothing I find to be more unattractive then the teen age girls I see walking down the street or in the mall in their Old Navy pajama pants. And I'm not alone! Anyone with taste cringes at this, not to mention no guy I've ever met thinks that attractive- I believe the term they usually use is "sloppy" and "looks lazy"- plus its just gross! PJ pants on CTA?! Are you kidding me? you might as well lick the seats...
#3 Peaches on 2008-03-28 10:08 (Reply)
lick the seats! ha ha ha . peaches, i love it.
it does look disgusting and cheap and what homeless people would wear. on the other hand, the more ill-dressed people there are out there, the better the rest of us look!
#4 maggiez on 2008-03-29 11:13 (Reply)
Hahahaa!!! So true, so true Maggie Z, they do make the rest of us look a lot better-
Isn't it strange how somehow its come to be that with "average" people putting on a pair of jeans, nice shoes and a matching top is considered dressing up? Jeans used to be the casual wear, not your jammies, if people did away with that horrid pajama trend they might be more inclined to dress even more up when they go somewhere "special" (dare I say skirt or dress?) Although don't get me wrong, I love my skinny jeans and pumps, it would just be a nice change to wear a simple dress and not feel like I'm the most overdressed person in the room.
#5 Peaches on 2008-03-30 10:55 (Reply)
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