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DIY Jute Rug Mini Makeover

Here's a quick little DIY project I wanted to share because it's so easy and yet it makes a huge impact! I had been living with my jute rug from IKEA for a number of years and just got tired of the pea green ribbon border. I went with green during an earthy, natural tones decorating period, but my mood has shifted to graphic prints and lots of black and white lately - so I was ready for a change. At first I thought about buying a new rug, but I love the texture and functionality of my jute rug, and it was still in good shape. Then it dawned on me - why not just paint the border? And so I did! It only took a few hours on the weekend and cost next to nothing, about $6 worth of fabric paint from Jo-Ann's (I used mobile coupons which you can easily access from their free iPhone app).

Keep reading for my step by step tutorial.

What you'll need:

DIY Jute Rug Makeover: Supplies

Step One: Carefully tape off your ribbon border, gently pressing down to make sure you have good adhesion to the jute fibers. I put one strip on top and one underneath to keep things tidy.

Step One: Tape off your border

Step Two: Start painting! Make sure you cover the lip of the rug so all you see is black from all angles. The ribbon is very absorbent so I had to do two coats to get it nice and dark.

Step Two: Start painting

Step Three: Let your paint dry (doesn't take long), remove the tape, and there you have it! A whole new look for pennies.

The finished result: Jute rug with black border

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This turned out so good! I just purchased a similar rug and now you've got me thinking about painting it!
#1 Amber - Real Girl Glam (Homepage) on 2013-02-28 13:50 (Reply)
What size was this rug? I think I am going to try this on mine this weekend. I have white edges and it shows up dirt very easy. I was just wondering how many bottles I needed to get. Thank you!!
#2 Lindi on 2014-10-23 08:47 (Reply)
I think my rug is about 10'x7.5' and I used up one 4 fl. oz bottle of paint. It still looks great after all these months, easy to spot clean and hasn't faded. Good luck!
#2.1 The Budget Babe on 2014-10-23 08:57 (Reply)
Thank you! Can't wait to see the before and After. Love your blog.
#3 Lindi on 2014-10-23 09:25 (Reply)
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