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5 Under $50: Checkerboard Prints

Checkerboard prints on Jessica Alba and the Louis Vuitton Spring 2013 runway

The checkerboard trend was born the moment models took to the runway at the Louis Vuitton Spring 2013 show. This fun mod print grabs your attention instantly, whether small or large in graphic black and white or subtler (though no less optimistic) shades. No wonder every celebrity under the sun seems to have embraced it, including Jessica Alba who wore a ladylike mid-length dress from the collection for a red carpet appearance. Make your own LV-inspired statement with these 5 checkerboard fashions under $50.

1. ASOS Mini Body-Conscious Dress In Chess Print, $41.56

2. Forever 21 Checkered Sweater, $19.80

3. Checkerboard Dress, $20
Checkerboard dress

4. ASOS Curve Checkerboard Skirt, $29.93

5. Skirt, $27.98

These prints are so bold and trendy! They look great and they're a completely fail-safe choice for an outfit for busy days. Trendy, put together and so hard to get wrong (just black and white)

To me, the checkerboard is too "agressive" but other black and white patterns suit my style just fine!

Have you tried black and white prints? Want to know how to accessorize this look? Get your fashion questions answered clicking my name!
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