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DIY Tissue Paper Tassel Garland

DIY Tissue Paper Tassel Garland Tutorial

This past winter, I made my first tissue paper tassel garland for my sister's bridal shower. The process was relatively easy (albeit time consuming) and the results were oh-so charming! Now that I'm decorating my nursery, I've decided to make another garland to hang near (not above) the baby's crib for some colorful visual stimulation. I think these inexpensive decor accents work well in so many settings, whether it's for a party, your office or a children's space.

You can click the image above to view a larger version, then keep reading for the how-to.

DIY Tissue Paper Tassel Garland Tutorial:
  1. What you'll need: Assorted tissue paper, metallic gifting paper (available at The Dollar Tree), glue gun, twine or rope, scissors
  2. Start with one piece of tissue paper
  3. Fold your tissue paper in half horizontally
  4. Fold it in half again vertically
  5. Start cutting your tissue paper in thin 1/4 - 1/2 inch strips, leaving about an inch margin at the top (where the fold is)
  6. Continue cutting all the way across
  7. Unfold carefully along the vertical fold you made earlier
  8. Cut your tissue paper in half - each piece makes two tassels!
  9. Gently and carefully unfold each half. Work on one at a time.
  10. Begin rolling your tissue paper tassel like a cigar. Be careful not to get the tassel pieces tangled up, they rip easily.
  11. Twist the tubular part of your tassel, then create a small loop
  12. Secure with hot glue
  13. Repeat with the other half. Now you have two completed tassels!
  14. String your tassels at random on rope or twine and secure with knots or more hot glue for desired spacing
  15. Your finished garland is ready to hang!

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How cute for a nursery!! I used a burlap banner above my little one's crib :-)
#1 Megan (Homepage) on 2013-06-21 13:01 (Reply)
BB, no. You're a fashion blogger and that's why we follow you. If we wanted recipes and DYI crafts, we'd go somewhere else. Please tell us the latest from Target or 'Real vs Steal' or the elements of someone's outfit. THAT'S why we love you!
#2 Loves Affordable Fashion on 2013-06-22 07:07 (Reply)
I made one of these earlier this year and have it hanging above my bed!


Five Minute Style 
#3 Stacey (Homepage) on 2013-06-23 02:07 (Reply)
THANK YOU for posting this tutorial! I was about to spend $40 for a garland from Etsy for my daughter's birthday and now I don't have to! Yay!
#4 kelly on 2014-01-07 23:32 (Reply)
Absolutely love this post! Such a good idea for parties.
#5 rachel on 2014-07-28 16:36 (Reply)
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