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Must-Have Shopping App: Luvocracy

Currently loving: Luvocracy, available in the Apple App Store

There are sooo many shopping apps out these days, but one of them stands out above the rest for ease-of-use and the just-plain-fun factor: It's called Luvocracy for iOS 7 and you can download the mobile app for free in the App Store.

Why do I luv it? Quite simply, Luvocracy brings together cool products (from all over the web) and savvy shoppers so you can discover, shop, buy and share all in one place.

I think of it as "Pinterest for buying stuff." You follow people whose style you trust, discovering new products and stores in the process. For example, I just discovered Forever 21 sells a great dupe for Deborah Lippmann "Candy Shop" nail polish. And I found the perfect wedding anniversary gift for my husband (Japanese whisky - he's going to luv it!)

Luvocracy - addicting shopping app!!
Screenshots of the Luvocracy shopping app

Once you download Luvocracy and get started, you'll see it's totally addicting and easy to use. The Luvocracy app is being featured as one of the Best New Apps in the App Store right now.

Download the app today and check out all the products I love at

If you like what you see, don't forget to rate it and tell others how much you luv this app!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Opinions are my own.
Ooooh! I will definitely have to download this one!
#1 Leslie (Homepage) on 2013-09-23 17:39 (Reply)
Great tip! I'm gonna check out that app right away.
#2 Aurélie (Homepage) on 2013-09-24 02:21 (Reply)
another request please :-)

more affordable version of this blouse, s'il vous plaît?
#3 ellen on 2013-09-24 09:27 (Reply)
Ooh I love! I'll look around.
#3.1 The Budget Babe on 2013-09-24 19:26 (Reply)
Any apps like this for a non-iPhone user??!
#4 Elizabeth on 2013-09-27 09:16 (Reply)
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