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Review: H&M's New US Online Web Store

A review of the new website

We waited...and waited..and waited some more. And then, this summer, H&M finally launched e-commerce for US shoppers. Joy! So, was it worth the wait? Team BB's Eliza Castro reports. —BB

The new US is easy-to-use and customer friendly. Available in over 50 countries, women everywhere can find that chic new outfit they’ve been searching for. I’ve always been a hesitant online shopper; you never really know what you’re purchasing and sometimes items look better online than in person. Despite this, I plunged right into purchasing a couple things. I thought this would be an excellent time to review the ease of getting around the new H&M website and the quality of said items. Here we go...

H&M jacket and top

Biker Jacket / Jersey Top

The one thing I love about H&M is how their sizes are typically tailored to your specific dimensions. Occasionally you will see a shirt labeled as small, medium or large. Unsure of my exact size, I used the H&M size guide to figure that out, which can be found here. When I received my Imitation Leather Biker Jacket I was in awe at the quality of the jacket and how perfect the fit was! Using the guide, I found a size 8 to fit my upper body perfectly. The Jersey Top, on the other hand, fit loosely. It looked and felt like the average white top you can purchase at your local Target.

H&M pants

Loose-fit pants

I was really excited about the Loose-Fit Pants when they arrived in the mail. The print was cool and the loose-fit made them appear trendy. Regrettably, the pants did not live up to my expectations. Once I removed the pants from the package I realized I had not paid enough attention to the online description; it depicted the pants as 100% polyester. The print looks amazing, but the material is too thin and a little cheap. The pockets at the side hinder the pants from hugging my waist in a way I would have liked.

H&M hat and bag

Knitted Hat / Snakeskin Shoulder bag

In honor of fall trends, I added a beige beanie to my shopping cart. It is easily one of my favorite items from this purchase. Its texture is soft and blends angora with knit. Whether it’s chilly or not, I find myself walking around my home with this on my head. It’s very comfortable to wear. For $17.95, the Snakeskin Shoulder Bag is also worth adding to your wardrobe. Containing two large zippers, you can fit your everyday essential items without a problem.


10-pack Rings

Lastly, we have the 10-Pack Rings. Purchasing them online proved to be a little difficult. Under H&M’s size guide, there is no guide for finger sizes. Using the ambiguous XS/S and M/L sizes I had to guess which size would fit my fingers! Knowing my ring size is a 6, I googled whether a 6 would constitute as a small, medium, or large. I found multiple sources stating a size 6 was small. Deciding to go with that I purchased the XS/S size, which fit most of my fingers. I was happy about that and excited the rings look exactly as they do online. Nevertheless, after a couple days of wearing these rings, I started to notice the gold tinge on each ring was gradually coming off. It had only been three or four days when I noticed this! Very disappointing. Maybe I shouldn’t have washed my hands with all ten rings on, who knows.

Overall H&M’s new US website is easy-to-use. There a couple kinks that should be worked out – such as ring sizes – but it’s still pretty straightforward. There are a couple things I’ve learned from this online shopping experience: I’ve found what you pay for is what you get. The more expensive the items are, the more likely they will be of higher quality. Be mindful of the description and make sure to read every section. This includes the size – length and width – of an item, and what each item is made of. If you’re still hesitant about purchasing something, search online reviews.

A few more things to consider: It took 6 days for me to receive my order once it was placed. I didn't use any online coupons for this purchase but if you subscribe to H&M's email newsletter, they send coupons/promos at least once a week (most recently the coupon was 30% off the item of your choice).

Shipping was $5.95 (pretty cheap), plus tax which was $2.82.

How easy are returns? There is a 30-day return/exchange policy, and it's a bit of a hassle. Shipping and handling costs are not refundable. All of my items came in a flimsy gray bag (Probably 20" x 8"). The directions say to return your items in the bag/box which were delivered to you. The problem with the bag is once you open it, you can't close it, so I'd have to go out of my way to purchase a box to return everything. You're also not allowed to return items you purchased online to a local H&M store.

Have you shopped yet via their website or mobile shopping app? How was your experience? Let me know in the comments! —Eliza ♦
Thank you for this post! I have never been to an H&M because the closest one is in Houston. So glad one is finally opening up in NOLA! I was questioning the size chart so I didn't make an online purchase yet. I hate buying clothes online unless I have been in the store, because sometimes the size chart isn't the same for all of the clothes and I end up getting the wrong size. But now I can buy something next time I get a coupon! I am loving the lace long sleeve V neck tops they have. I do hope they add all of their merchandise like Forever 21 does. Where my local H&M will be, will be in downtown where it's an hour away, a pain to get there, and you have to pay for parking. Talk about an expensive trip to a relatively good priced store!
#1 Liz on 2013-10-24 08:35 (Reply)
I have now ordered twice from them and seriously the shipping is SLOW, glacial compared to most companies. Also, I neglected to really study the size chart and ordered too small of a size of the same biker jacket above! I am currently in the middle of the longest exchange ever! I hope to receive my larger size 3 weeks after I mailed it back to them, this is my biggest complaint! Their shipping and processing time is entirely too long! I am happy with the product though!
#2 Jennifer (Homepage) on 2013-10-24 10:29 (Reply)
I haven't shopped yet but now I know to pay closer attention to everything before hitting that pay button!
#3 megan, (Homepage) on 2013-10-24 11:04 (Reply)
Liz: As long as you pay attention to the size guide you'll be fine. :-)

Jennifer: That sounds terrible. I think it's ridiculous you can't return an item you purchased online at a local store. It's a brilliant business tactic to get consumers to keeps their items instead of returning them but it's such an inconvenience!
#4 Eliza Castro on 2013-10-24 13:16 (Reply)
I really liked the beanie! I need to stock up on those for the winter! I usually only buy shoes or accessories online because I'm afraid of the fit issue.
#5 Caitlin (Homepage) on 2013-10-24 15:07 (Reply)
I placed an order with them 3 weeks ago and it just shipped today! Who knows when I'll actually get it though because the shipping code they gave me told me I have to wait another 24 hours for any info. Also about a week ago they e-mailed me saying something I ordered was out of stock. Was it out of stock when I ordered it or out of stock 2 weeks later when my order still hasn't shipped? I'm kind of annoyed with how long this is taking to get my order. I've ordered from many European companies before and have gotten my shipment in half the time.
#6 Jessica on 2013-10-25 09:49 (Reply)
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