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The Lazy Girl's Guide to the Perfect At-Home Manicure

The Lazy Girl's Guide to the Perfect At-Home Manicure

I prefer doing my own nails at home, but finding the time for a manicure can be tricky. So over the years I've perfected my quick & easy nail care routine using some arguably unorthodox methods that help streamline the process while still delivering beautiful results. Sally Hansen makes some of my favorite, stand-by tools (get them at Target!), so today I've teamed up with the global nail brand to share the Lazy Girl's Guide to the Perfect At-Home Manicure. Read on for the how-to!
What You'll Need: Tools for the Perfect At-Home Manicure

What You'll Need: Sally Hansen nail clippers, Sally Hansen 4-step filing and buffing block, Sally Hansen tweezers and Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure nail polish (I used Greige).

Step 1: Soak your nails

Step 1: Soak nails in warm water. The Lazy Girl does this in the shower to cut down on time!

Step 2: Clip your nails

Step 2: Clip your nails. I've never had the dexterity to use nail scissors, so I just clip away, following my natural nail shape. Keep nails short - not only is this length in style, it's also the easiest to maintain!

Step 3: File your nails

Step 3: File and shape your nails: Ever since I discovered the 4-step buffing block, I hardly ever use a nail file! This might be a little unorthodox, but I just use all four steps (shape, smooth, buff and shine) on the edges (tips) of my nails! I find the block is easy to hold and control, too. Going through all the steps seems to prevent my nails from splintering or breaking.

Step 4: Paint your nails

Step 4: Paint your nails. I like to use Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure when I'm in a hurry because it provides excellent coverage in one or two coats and contains the base and top coat right in the formula. It's fast drying and won't streak. This polish also boasts my favorite applicator brush. Paint nails on a flat, stable surface for better control. I like to start with my pinky and work my way over to my thumb.

Step 5: Clean up mistakes using tweezers.

Step 5: Clean up mistakes using tweezers. I've found my Sally Hansen Raise Some Brows tweezers are the perfect shape and size for cleaning up mistakes. Remove nail polish from skin while it's still wet to save time.

Step 8: Nails are Done!

Step 6: Ta-da! Nails are done and it's time to flaunt your fingertips.

Tips for a perfect at-home manicure
Lazy Girl Tips:
  • You don't have to remove old nail polish before clipping, in fact, sometimes it's easier to cut nails straight and of equal length with polish still on.

  • Don't go all the way up to your cuticles with the nail polish - instead, place the brush near the center of your nail, then push paint back towards the cuticle without touching it, then draw the brush back down the nail toward the tip. Repeat on either side of the first brush stroke for a total of three brush strokes to cover the nail.

  • Don't go all the way to the sides of your nail - it's better to leave a small gap than to get nail polish all over your skin, making it tough (and time consuming) to remove.

  • Don't overwork the nail polish. Once you cover the nail, leave it alone and move on to the next nail.

  • Always shake nail polish well before painting and after finishing a hand.

  • Picking up the right amount of nail polish on your brush is one of the most critical parts of achieving a good manicure - this just takes time and practice. Not too much, not too little!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Sally Hansen and Style Coalition.
I always do my own nails,but now seeing had bad this must look,like yours,I may just have to go to a salon. Thanks for pointing out that at home nails is a real no no.
#1 Lynda on 2014-07-01 07:59 (Reply)
What in the world?!? First, these are close up photos so every imperfection is going to be seen. That being said, I think they look great! I love this blog, I think it is such a cute site to visit. Let's keep things positive. There is enough negativity out here already :-( Keep up the great work Budget Babe!! :-) Have 4 or 5 bottles of the Complete Manicure at home and LOVE their brush too. XOXO
#1.1 Natalie on 2014-07-01 16:10 (Reply)
Awesome guide! I did one like this on B&B YEARS ago and it garnered the only negative comments I've ever gotten on my blog. People have a lot to say about ~imperfect nails~ (but not imperfect grammar or spelling...). ;-)
#2 Broke & Beautiful (Homepage) on 2014-07-01 23:26 (Reply)
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