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​Chic and Affordable Storage Solutions

Chic and affordable storage solutions

In this weekly decor column, I'm sharing affordable finds that only look expensive! For more inspiration visit my blog A Vintage Splendor.

A new year means a fresh new perspective about a lot of things. If you're anything like me, that means cleaning starts in full gear - I don't wait until springtime to declutter, toss and organize. The challenge of organizing is that it is a daunting task and there is always the problem of not enough storage space. The biggest issue for me is hiding heavily used items away in a closet which then becomes a problem when I try to reach for them!
I think it's okay to have organized clutter if it can be packaged up nicely so it leaves your home looking comfortable and not messy. You can achieve this by investing in chic storage boxes and containers that add character to the room, but hide those random odds and ends. For example, rather than have a bunch of throws around the house, roll them up and store them in a basket. For smaller but daily used items, you can store them in a box that is easily accessible - this can include kid's toys to paperclips and batteries.

If you're ready to get organized here are some of my favorite tips to help move along the process quickly:

1. Start with the drawer or the space that drives you crazy and spend 15-30 minutes to organize. Spending that first burst of energy cleaning up what drives you bonkers will motivate you to do the rest of the house.

2. Don't be afraid to store everyday items by the front door. That includes shoes, umbrella, scarves, etc. I've found a lot of people don't have a closet or traditional entry way to handle all these daily essentials, so a storage container will do wonders to keep the area by the front door neat.

3. Organized clutter is okay and it's a thing because we're all guilty of it. If it makes sense to you to throw batteries, paperclips and TV remotes in a box, then do it! Once it's stored next to your sofa or in your office, no one will know!

If I've motivated you to start organizing, here are my favorite storage containers:

Affordable storage solutions

1. Wood Storage Crate $12-16
2. Yellow Box with Lid $9
3. Wicker Basket $25
4. Fabric Cube $11
5. Storage Bin $19
6. Palm Leaf Basket $16
7. Box (set of 3) $16
8. Storage Cube $20
9. Wire Basket (set of 2) $23
10. Oval Storage Basket $29

For more organizing tips and ideas, follow our Get Organized Pinterest board!
great tips! Love the storage container, functional yet stylish
#1 Mel (Homepage) on 2015-01-16 08:46 (Reply)
Love these, but those wood crates are by far my fave!
#2 Laura Yoder (Homepage) on 2015-01-16 08:48 (Reply)
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