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10 Things You Don't Need In Your Closet

10 things you don't need in your closet / Closet cleaning tips & tricks

If you're on a budget, you might be hanging on to clothes and accessories you got a great deal on - or spent a small fortune on - but don't really love or wear. Don't hold on to things out of guilt or simply because you think more is better. Streamline your closet and you'll find it easier to get dressed in the morning - and easier to resist bad purchases in the future.

Here are 10 things you might want to purge from your closet this spring:
1. Clothes with the tags still on: You haven't worn these items for a reason. Rather than cutting the tags off now, consider selling your still-new garments with an online resale shop like ThredUp (they offer full-service, plus kids & baby clothes, which has made them my go-to resale shop of late).

2. Anything stained, ripped or damaged beyond repair: I wholeheartedly believe in having pieces cleaned and repaired whenever possible, but if you've tried every stain remover known to man, or you just don't have the time to take something to a tailor, consider recycling it. You can repurpose old clothes or donate them to H&M's garment collection program, available at any H&M store. Plus they'll give you a coupon good for 15% off one item for each donated bag (a small grocery bag size is fine).

3. Clothes that don't fit. This is a no-brainer but how many of us hold onto jeans we hope to "someday" fit into, or pieces that look just okay, when really they're ill-fitting and make us feel awkward? Have a zero tolderance policy for these items. It'll make you think twice when you're in a dressing room and feel tempted to buy something that doesn't really make you feel amazing.

4. Sentimental pieces you'll never wear again: Your bridesmaid dress from your best friend's wedding. The dress you wore on your first date...with an ex. Unless these are pieces that make you smile each time you see them, there isn't any real estate for them in your closet. If you have trouble letting go, consider taking a photograph of the item so you'll still have a memento - just not one that's taking up valuable closet space.

5. Jeans, jeans and more jeans! I own an embarrassing number of pairs of jeans. Maybe denim isn't your weakness - maybe it's basic tees - but whatever it is, do you really need 50 nearly identical styles in your closet? Sort out your favorites, then donate or sell the rest.

6. Painful shoes: Sometimes uncomfortable shoes just need to be broken in, but if you've tried and failed to make your feet love those soles, it's time for them to take a hike.

7. Granny panties. Worn-out bras. Socks with holes. Sometimes we let the little things slide because only we see them...or those nearest and dearest to us see them, and love us anyway. Do a complete refresh and treat yourself to some sexy underthings and stylish socks. These provide a foundation for your wardrobe and don't have to cost a lot.

8. Broken or mismatched hangers: I've been so much happier with the look of my closet ever since I swapped out all the unsightly plastic and wire hangers for streamlined velvet hangers. You can stock up on these pretty and functional essentials at T.J.Maxx/Marshalls/Homegoods for next to nothing.

9. Non-wardrobe items. When you're tight on space, sometimes we use our closet to store other household items, like boxes of photos or those rollerblades we never use. If at all possible, find another home for those items so that your closet is easier to keep organized, and your clothes, shoes and bags are better protected.

10. Anything you haven't worn in the past 8 months: Winters can be long where I live, so I give myself 8 months to weed out items I haven't worn in ages and will probably never wear. Be honest with yourself: Are you really going to wear that ancient LBD to another wedding, or do you tend to run out and buy a new dress at the last minute for every special occasion (raises hand)? When you free up space in your closet, you're making space for new possibilities!

Closet image via IKEA

Great tips! I need to go through my closet now
#1 mel on 2015-03-30 08:29 (Reply)
Hi sweetie
Amazing tips
thanks for sharing
New post on Maggie Dallospedale Fashion blog
#2 Margaret Dallospedale (Homepage) on 2015-03-30 11:37 (Reply)
Thanks so much for info. on closet weakness also is denim..too many pairs..have to start sorting...keep up the good job you are doing with your blog!
#2.1 margot on 2015-03-30 13:44 (Reply)
Bookmarking this one! And I need to check out ThredUp asap!

#3 Wishes & Reality (Homepage) on 2015-03-30 20:35 (Reply)
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