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Capsule Wardrobe: Inspired by Marc Jacobs Fall 2015 RTW

Capsule Wardrobe
Hello my capsulistas! It’s time for my favorite time of the week: Fashion capsule overload. After last week’s very fun and cute, Wet Hot American Summer-inspired capsule, I thought that it would be a good time for some gritty fashion. So let’s roll up our (perfectly cuffed) sleeves and dive into these seven outfits I created inspired by the Marc Jacobs’ Fall ’15 ready-to-wear collection. Let’s get started!

The Pieces:

Motel Rocks Asha Cropped Polo Top $23
The Marc Jacobs Fall ’15 RTW line is crawling with deep, rich colors. In fact, if there was one word I would use to describe the line, it would be rich. From the colors to the accessories, everything about the line is rich. The fabrics are a cross between the mundane of the geometrics and the lushness of the furs and leathers. There also is a lot of power clashing, which is what I call any mixing of patterns that wouldn’t necessarily go together. This polo cropped top has a wonderful geometric pattern in the deep, rich blue that Marc Jacobs uses in his show.

Genuine People Alison Striped Maxi Skirt $26
A good portion of Marc Jacobs’ show was midi to mxi skirts. There were hardly any pants or shorts skirts. This definitely added an elegance to the collection, which is not to say that pants can’t be elegant (see Emma Stone or Emma Watson at awards shows). The pinstripes on this skirt definitely play with the power clashing, which I mentioned earlier. The patterns work together because they are both the same color scheme and they both are of the geometric realm.

Pink Queen Ladies Brown Leather Gloves $48
I am almost certain that every single one of the looks of Marc Jacobs’ Fall ’15 RTW show had gloves. This definitely furthered the collection’s equestrian feel. I felt like at any moment, the models could have leaped off the runway on to a horse. The gloves really add a sophistication factor to every outfit.

Capsule Wardrobe

So, remember how I said there were nearly no miniskirts in the runway show? Well, I decided to add one. Wearing long dresses and skirts with furs and leather gloves can be hot, especially since fall weather is often unpredictable. Here is an adorable interpretation of that collection. Again, power clashing.

Capsule Wardrobe

This dress has a very regal feel to it, doesn’t it? To be honest, all of the Marc Jacob’s fall collection has a regal feel. This dress is my favorite silhouette. The a-line shape is almost universally flattering because it draws attention to the smallest part of your body and hides the wider parts. Does this color scheme make anyone else super stoked for the fall season?

Capsule Wardrobe

I’ve never really been into fur. I just don’t think that I can rock it as well as other people. I love to wear minimalistic things and dress much more simply. However, faux fur is really great for a glamourous feel. You’ll feel like Lauren Bacall in this jacket, especially when paired with the luxe leather gloves.

Capsule Wardrobe

I love yellow. Yellow is my absolutely favorite color, except I don’t look very good in the lemony color that I admire. I can, however, rock a good mustard every once in a while. In fact, for a good amount of time I had a mustard winter coat that I wore all the time. I loved that coat, but my style evolved past it. This outfit is like if my current style had a child with my old mustard coat.

Capsule Wardrobe

Who doesn’t love a good bow belt? Such a discretely feminine touch to add to this outfit. It might be a little much, especially when the patterns are so vastly different, but because it is in the same color shade as the top and skirt it works.

Capsule Wardrobe

I can definitely imagine wearing this outfit to the premiere of a foreign film. With your hair tied up in a French twist and a glamourous dark lip. You stick one finger in the air to hail a cab as the rain begins to fall. Doesn’t it seem like a movie that Audrey Hepburn was in? Am I insinuating that you can be Audrey Hepburn? Yes, yes I am.

Capsule Wardrobe

Simple. Perfect. Uncomplicated. You don’t need jewelry with this outfit. You don’t need anything frilly to add; it has all the visual interest it needs. I need this outfit as soon as possible.

Would you rock these looks this fall?

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