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GO International Private Label Collection 2

The second GO International Private Label Collection will be available this Sunday, June 29th through July 29th at Target, which aims to bring top apparel trends to the store in between each limited-edition GO International designer collection. On the one hand, these collections kind of dilute the impact and appeal of the "exclusive" designer lines, but on the other hand, they keep us entertained and give us way more options in the fashion department. I'm happy to have the extra choices. This latest collection looks cute in photos, and I'm eager to see them in person. And where else but Target can we indulge in trends like ruffles, floral prints, and brights for so little cash? Keep scrolling to see some of the looks...and tell us what you think!

Pleated Poet Top in White $24.99; Ribbed Tank in Black $14.99; Multi-Layer Ruffle Skirt in Black with White Trim $29.99

Tiered Ruffle Dress in Floral Print $39.99

Button-Front One-Shoulder Ruffle Top in Fuchsia $22.99; Tiered Ruffle Miniskirt in Floral/Black $26.99

Editor's Pick: Ruffle Tank Dress in Fuchsia $34.99

Cowlneck Tank in Orange $24.99; Stripe-Back Tank in Blue $14.99; Slash-Pocket Shorts in Floral Print $24.99

Double Breasted Linen Jacket in Coral $44.99; Tiered Ruffle Top in Floral Print $29.99; Slash-Pocket Shorts in Pink $24.99

In all honesty, I've got to say ... Yikes! Did we fall back into 1992 and nobody told me? I'm not so sure about this collection. A few of these looks are downright awful! Some of the pieces that look like they could be cute individually: the Pleated Poet Top, Tiered Ruffle Dress, and Double Breasted Linen Jacket. Of course I'll be checking out the collection in person no matter what, but I'm not all that impressed with the preview, minus those few pieces I mentioned.
#1 Katie on 2008-06-28 11:01 (Reply)
I'm not sure about Target's Private Label. The last collection was so obviously for juniors (those short hemlines were SO not office appropriate) and I feel the designer's lines are much more conscious of making pieces that can appeal to us no-longer-in-our-twenties fashionistas and that we can integrate into our own wardrobe. I'll have to check out this latest collection at my local Target (let's face it, like there was a chance I wasn't going to) but I'm already seeing things that look a bit too "juniorish" for my taste.
#2 Gillian on 2008-06-28 15:44 (Reply)
Huh. I can see what Katie and Gillian mean, but I've got to admit to really liking some of these pieces. Especially the floral prints, which generally give me the heebie-geebies. The ruffly one-shoulder top is rather horrid, but most of the rest of it looks adorable to me.
#3 Sal (Homepage) on 2008-06-30 12:15 (Reply)
I tried on a few things today and I like it, but not as much as I thought I would. It does seem that theses clothes are cut for juniors who are still developing, because uh, yeah, some of these I would not want to try and wear without a bra 'cause everything would fall down and go boom. Also, the hemlines are pretty short (though myself at 5'3", it hits just above the knee).

The quality doesn't seem too bad overall, but what works for you will all depend on taste and needs, and it's okay not to like everything since you probably won't want to wear every piece in a single collection. A few here and there will do, and what did it for me was the ruffle front navy dress. Way cute and not too bad at $29.99. I also liked the tiered ruffle dress, but wasn't willing to drop the $39.99 for it, too.
#4 Lynda (Homepage) on 2008-06-30 19:26 (Reply)
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