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Always looking for a steal, I love trying new sites and stores for our readers. This time I shopped at online retailer, Romwe. I had seen advertisements for Romwe online and friends had shown me pieces from the online store that were insanely inexpensive. Even though I was weary of the legitimacy of the site, I gave it a shot. Sticking to a $100 budget, I shopped for key pieces that were on-trend for the fall. Read on to see what I bought and how I felt about my shopping experience...

When shopping at Romwe, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the selection of pieces that they offer. With literally hundreds of pages of merchandise it's easy to get lost in all of it. I shopped by clicking through lookbooks and clicking page-by-page in specific categories since I had an idea of what I wanted. Review
White V-Neck Chiffon Blouse // Original Price $12.17
While I love the look of this top from afar, close up the buttons were loose and the hems were unfinished, with threads hanging everywhere. The collar also was asymmetrical and didn't lay flat — even after ironing.

Brown Suede Mid-Heeled Boots // Original Price $40.00
These booties were extremely cute but extremely small! I ordered the shoes according to my correct European size, and the boots were very narrow and ill-fitting.

Rome Look 2
Red Plaid Dress // Original Price $14.99
I loved the look of this dress online but was shocked to see how short it was when I tried it on, I opted to wear it as an oversized shirt instead. The fabric was lighter than a flannel and I found that the plaid pattern was different than pictured, but it was well-made.

Grey Short Sleeve T-Shirt // Original Price $7.99
As a devoted Queen Bey fan, I had to get this shirt. The fabric is thicker than I expected, extremely soft and can be dressed up or down.

Brown Suede Mid-Heeled Boots // Original Price $40.00

Romwe Look 3
Black Lace Hollow Hem Top // Original Price $12.50
I loved the detailing on the hem of this shirt and while the finishing was fantastic, the fabric felt very thin and even though I ordered my correct size using their size chart the top was still small and constricting.

Rome Look 4
Black Lace Hollow Hem Top // Original Price $12.50

Elastic Waist Pleated Skirt // Original Price $14.00
I love oxblood, especially for the fall! So when I saw this faux leather skirt I knew I had to have it. When it arrived however, the skirt (which is available in a one size fits all option) was a different color, extremely lengthy and felt more like a naugahyde or vinyl material. The skirt also didn't hold shape and was unflattering.

Rome Look 5

Navy Half Sleeve Pockets Dress // Original Price $12.99
This piece I was most excited for, and most disappointed by. I loved the look of this when I saw it online, but when I slipped on the shift dress I was unimpressed. The material is extremely thin, the dress has no shape to it, the fit was very tight on my torso and the dress was way too short.

While it seems like shopping heaven, I was extremely disappointed when I received my order. To begin with, the jewelry that I had ordered was left out and my several emails to customer service were ignored. Also many of the pieces were ill-fitting, made with cheap materials and had a vague resemblance to the images portrayed online.

For first-time customers Romwe offers 60% off and free shipping — and though Romwe's orders may take up to 4 weeks to ship from their Hong Kong location, my order arrived in 15 days. I also saved a total of $61.47! The original cost of my order was $153.26 and I ended up paying just $92.21.

That being said, you get what you pay for. The deals and promos seem unbelievable because they are. I would much rather spend a little more to get great looks and stay on top of trends by shopping at stores like Target or H&M. Review: Read this before you shop at this fast fashion megasite
such a shame that the order fell short & was not of good quality. I have to say I do love the ox blood skirt though! Perfect for autumn ❤️
Bee |
#1 Bee (Homepage) on 2015-10-19 14:07 (Reply)
Very interesting - thanks for sharing! After reading this I probably won't use them on my blog anymore.

Have you tried SheIn (a similar site)? I have only ever ordered one thing (a sweater), but I was happy with my order. I would love to hear what others have to say about that site too!

#2 Jessica (Homepage) on 2015-10-19 16:44 (Reply)
I'm not a big fan of online shopping, but I've shopped from Romwe once and I was satisfied with my purchase. It came exactly as it was on the pictures.
#3 Evie Campbell on 2015-10-20 03:58 (Reply)
That is the problem with shopping from those websites. Since they come from China, a lot of the clothes are knockoffs of the original photo and have cheap quality, so it's hit or miss with what you get. I was able to get a few good things from Shein (knockoff Burberry poncho and a floral romper) and a few things not so good (a leopard dress that I paid $4 for it so no biggie), but I will only buy the clothes that have legit reviews on them and photos are a must.
#4 Liz on 2015-10-20 11:36 (Reply)
I purchased a dress from LuLu as a result of a promotion on The Budget Babe. What arrived was made of paper - literally! - and it was a child's size and not a women's size medium. I couldn't even get the dress over my head and I'm just 5' tall and 110 pounds. As a result of having paid through Paypal, I disputed the charge and received a full refund including the $14 postage that I paid to return the item.

I will never again venture to purchase clothing from Hong Kong.
#4.1 Sherry Zbar on 2015-10-24 11:46 (Reply)
I'm sorry to hear you had such an awful shopping experience but glad to hear you got your money back. Thanks for sharing, Sherry.
#4.1.1 The Budget Babe on 2015-10-27 16:11 (Reply)
I appreciate this review. I've been eyeing a few things on their site but will steer clear:) Have you tried Rosegal? That's another site that I would like to try but am a little nervous about!

Wishes & Reality
#5 Heidi (Homepage) on 2015-10-20 13:47 (Reply)
I have not! One thing I do when I shop at sketchy sites is grab a temporary credit card number from my bank so I can place an order without fear of getting ripped off, maybe you've tried that as well?
#5.1 The Budget Babe on 2015-10-22 09:04 (Reply)
About how long did it take for your stuff to come?
#6 Kristen on 2016-01-05 22:43 (Reply)
Our order arrived in 15 days.
#6.1 The Budget Babe on 2016-01-06 09:39 (Reply)
Help! I’m shopping for clothes that I want for Christmas on Romwe, but have seen both bad reviews and good reviews, so I’m a little puzzled on wether I should order from Romwe or not. How long did it take for your order to come and was everything as they said it would be?
#6.1.1 JG on 2017-12-02 20:52 (Reply)
Our order arrived in 15 days but can take longer (up to 4 weeks). Not everything arrived as described, so you'll want to use your own discretion when ordering. Good luck!
# The Budget Babe on 2017-12-03 07:04 (Reply)
Just ordered from Romwe...hope it turns out ok. Kinda scared about the jewelry part becuase I did order some jewelry, a purse, and a skirt. I measured myself so I could get the sizes right. We shall see how it turns out. Thank you for sharing your shopping experience, I'm taking the chance and hopefully I get good results.
#7 Bre on 2016-12-03 17:40 (Reply)
Romwe steals designs from artists and then sells very low resolution rip-offs. They stole my design and will not take it down. Try Society6 or Redbubble if you want unique items, because that seems to be where Romwe steals jpgs from to put on their clothing and home decor items.
#8 Autumn Kalquist on 2018-04-10 18:21 (Reply)
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