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The Look for Less: Chloe 'Marcie' Saddle Bag

The Look for Less: Chloe Marcie Bag
I'm never entirely sure how so many fashion bloggers are able to afford the bags they carry (which is probably why I, sadly, do not) but the $1,395 Chloe 'Marcie' is one of those It bags you see so often. The look for less won't get you as many "likes" on Instagram but for $58 it's a stylish and budget-friendly alternative. IMO $58 is still a bit much but I'm sure you could score this bag on sale with a coupon at Macy's. Choose from black, navy or pewter. And good news - it gets 5 stars from reviewers!

SAVE: Rampage Braided Crossbody at Macy's
SPLURGE: Chloe 'Marcie' Medium Crossbody Bag at Nordstrom

Love this find! I was just talking about this with another blogger; how everyone seems to be able to buy 2 and 3k bags! Not me, unfortunately! I was thinking about if it's worth it to save for a year for a bag but I just can't see myself actually being able to go ahead with it...
#1 Shira (Homepage) on 2016-01-06 09:52 (Reply)
I agree! I have to think that just maybe they are wearing, photographing, and returning many of the things they feature and then making a few bucks here and there off of the like it to know it links...
#2 Diane on 2016-01-06 10:55 (Reply)
Love this! I wonder if there's a look for less for the shoulder version??? I too wonder how people can spend $2,000 on a bag...
#3 Georgia on 2016-01-06 13:54 (Reply)
I think they are gifted a lot of the merchandise the have ....
#4 Belinda on 2016-01-06 16:22 (Reply)
That's very possible...but if that's the case, they aren't disclosing it. The bags should clearly be marked as gifted, whether it's the first or fifth time they post it, on a blog or Instagram, etc. I can think of many blogs where the bags don't say "courtesy of" so I have to assume they paid for them with their own money, no...?
#4.1 The Budget Babe on 2016-01-09 10:54 (Reply)
Yep, no $2000 bags for this girl! Love this find though and love that it comes in a grayish shade. Sole Society had a similar camel bag last year and it sold out super quick! I've been able to find some good dupes on Amazon as well.

Wishes & Reality
#5 Heidi on 2016-01-06 18:52 (Reply)
Seriously! I often wonder the same thing, and I'm nearly a decade older than most of these bloggers. Even if I had that much I just couldn't see myself splurging regularly on a new IT bag. This dupe is gorgeous!

#6 alyson (Homepage) on 2016-01-07 13:40 (Reply)
I'm with you, I'd rather use the money for home improvements or a vacation...but that's just me!
#6.1 The Budget Babe on 2016-01-09 10:52 (Reply)
Now the Rampage Braided Crossbody is just $22.99 and you can score %15 off with SUPER or $10 off $25 with SUP25. Just love your blog!!!!
#7 Kate Carter on 2016-01-08 18:14 (Reply)
Why do I always like the more expencive piece more? What a curse!

See my winter outfit with 1980s vintage fake fur coat (link).
#8 Quaintrelle Georgiana (Homepage) on 2016-01-11 10:26 (Reply)
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