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Look for Less: Twenty8Twelve Highwaisted Shorts

I always underestimate the fashion potential of shorts, but these highwaisted dress shorts (left) from Sienna Miller's Twenty8Twelve line have me envisioning countless possibilities of chicness. But despite their high-style factor, I am reluctant to pay a lot of money for shorts. After all, they're only like, half a pair of pants if that, and therefore hardly worth $185.00 (or even the sale price of $92.50). Instead, I'm considering the pair on the right from Forever 21 for $15.80. Honestly, could you tell the difference if you paired them with a tight white tank, pricey clutch and fabulous heels? Didn't think so.

Left: Twenty8Twelve Bartus High Waisted Short at, Was $185 Now $92.50
Right: High Waisted Dress Short at, $15.80

ooo i love high waisted shorts! theres a great pair i bought in H&M about 2 years ago that I still wear, they were around 19.95(great price) and i just wish they had more of them, now they only have the regular trouser shorts. great style!
#1 Neira on 2008-07-19 07:14 (Reply)
I'm with you, Neira! High waisted shorts work on curvy girls, too, think back to all the retro 50s pinup posters and such, ladies used to wear them back in the day and they looked fly.
#1.1 The Budget Babe on 2008-07-19 20:07 (Reply)
Exactly! I actually think they would look better on someone who has a little more curves to them, especially if they have great athletic legs. Pair it up with wedges or pumps and you're good to go!
#1.1.1 Neira on 2008-07-20 07:08 (Reply)
UPDATE: I bought these shorts and they are amazing. Great quality fabric (for Forever 21), great, fit, and they look fierce!
#1.1.2 The Budget Babe on 2008-08-15 21:03 (Reply)
The only people I've ever seen wearing high waisted shorts, shouldn't be... am I the only one that thinks they feel like a diaper?
#2 Peaches on 2008-07-19 09:55 (Reply)
i agree with peaches. they look nice on the model but who looks like that?
#3 maggie z on 2008-07-19 15:18 (Reply)
Those shorts are cute, I wish I had the legs to wear them. Unfortunately, my legs are really flabby, I need to start building muscle mass, then maybe I could rock something like that. It's super cute though
#4 budget chic (Homepage) on 2008-07-20 07:42 (Reply)
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