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Effortless Outfits for Your Next Intense Workout

Effortless outfits are easy to put together with our expertly curated affordable picks.
As Rihanna once said, "Work, work, work, work, work, work" and that's what I've been doing all summer at the gym. I'm getting ready for a half marathon and it's just around the corner! Putting in long hours at the gym and track can be monotonous and dull but one way to spice things up is through your activewear. Whenever I'm wearing a killer running outfit I feel like I'm about to have a killer workout. It's sort of like the "look good, feel good" concept. You will look amazing in these Julianne Hough, Taylor Swift, and Kendall Jenner inspired workout outfits, with pieces all under $60.

Casual cute workout outfit ideas

1. The Yogi Fanatic

IVY PARK Crop Sweatshirt, $52

As if Beyoncé didn’t already run the world, she is also running a new active wear brand called IVY Park. This crop top sweatshirt is perfect for throwing on over your sports bra after yoga class while still showing off your washboard abs.

Strappy Sports Bra, $20
Light support sports bras great for low intensity workouts. They allow you to move freely without being too restricted or without leaving lines.

Mesh leggings, $23
I’m obsessed with these mesh leggings. I own a few pairs and I wear them to the gym all the time. They are also a great edgy substitute for plain black leggings in your daily wardrobe too!

S’well Bottle, $25
Every girl at my university has this water bottle. S’well bottles are sweeping the nation as the new innovative, fashionable, and eco-friendly drink carrier. The bottle keeps your drink cold for up to 24 hours and hot drink warm for up to 12 hours.

Yoga Mat Bag, $48
The worst thing about walking to yoga class is having your mat come undone in your arms or get whisked away by the wind… Yeah, that’s happened to me before. Be sure to get a carrier strap like this one!

Casual cute workout outfit ideas

2. The Machine Hopper

Sweatshirt Tank, $35
I was inspired to put this sweatshirt tank into this piece because a few weeks ago I watched the CrossFit Games. One of the athletes, Brooke Ence, wore a similar top. Her body is #GOALS!

High-waisted Legging, $34
Ones I bought high-waisted leggings, I never went back. I have muscular thighs and a smaller waist, so with normal leggings I find myself constantly picking them up. High-waisted leggings stay above your hips no matter how many squats you do.

Under Armour Tote, $15
Who says you need a duffle or a drawstring bag to go work out? I’m in love with this tote because I hate carrying around two bags; one for my day-to-day life and one for the gym. This bag allows you to put both worlds into one bag. I have this tote and my entire life exists within it.

Training Hat, $22
Sometimes headbands just don’t do the trick for me. I get sick of them falling out and leaving behind kinks and lines in my hair. Training hats are great for working out because they keep the hair out of your face, they absorb the sweat, and they are machine washable.

Casual cute workout outfit ideas

3. The Marathon Runner

VSX Sports Bra, $35
The new VSX collection has been getting a lot of great reviews. Online you can shop their sports bras by support. This sports bra has the highest support possible and is easy to get on and off with the zipper/clip in the front.

Yurbuds (sweat resistant) Headphones, $20
I have had these headphones for almost four years and I couldn’t be happier. I have weird ears so normal iPhone headphones never fit . These Yurbuds are perfect for working out because they are waterproof (so they won’t slip out of your ears) and they have ear cuffs for extra security.

Nike DRI-Fit Shorts, $30
I also have these shorts, several colors actually! I love them because they have built in spandex and are extra loose so that I never feel too contained when I run.

Cool Breeze Running Tank, $35
Running outside during the summer is not one of my favorite things. Sweat and humidity don't mix. Breathable tops like this DRI-Fit tank can help you stay cool during runs and keep you running longer.

Running Shoes, $45
If you spend money on any workout gear it needs to be your shoes. Taking care of your feet no matter what the sport is, can make all the difference. Find a shoe that works for you and stick with it! Talk to a trainer or a doctor to find the right one (dedicated running stores can help you with this, too). I got evaluated by my trainer and found that the Nike Air ZoomPegasus 33 works best for me. Once you have that figured out then choosing the perfect color is next! Plus, brands like Nike will let you return shoes even after wearing so you can buy risk-free.

Photo Credits: Taylor Swift, PacificCoastNews // Julianne Hough 1 & 2, TED, PacificCoastNews // Kendall Jenner, PacificCoastNews

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