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New at Kohl's: K/Lab, On-Trend Fashion for the Millenial

k/lab at Kohl's

While researching the gold-star clearance at this morning, I noticed a brand called K/Lab keep popping up - as a longtime Kohl's shopper, I had a hunch it was a new line, and a Google search confirmed my suspicions. According to, Kohl's in November of 2016 launched K/Lab, "a new in-house label inspired by of-the-moment trends and offered within a three-month turnaround." The article goes on to talk about how Kohl's is using real-time analytics to design the collection, which currently includes pieces like a velvet jumpsuit ($51, down from $68) and a faux fur jacket ($31.20, down from $78). Nothing in the collection is priced above $78.

K/Lab at Kohl's velvet jumpsuit

The K/Lab Instagram account currently has 2,820 followers, while the K/Lab Twitter account has 5,362 followers (looks like models Chanel Iman and Hilary Rhoda are promoting the line).

K/Lab for Kohl's

While the line is targeted at Millenials, there are definitely pieces that shoppers of any age could rock, like this longline denim jacket or this kimono duster.

What I'd like to see at Kohl's, more than a trendy new line, would be things like free online shipping and free returns; no expiration date for Kohl's cash; and more transparency with pricing and "sales."

Do you think you'd go out of your way to shop K/Lab? See anything here that you couldn't find at another fast-fashion chain...for less?
This looks like such a fun collection! WIsh I had a local Kohls.
#1 Shira (Homepage) on 2017-01-13 10:38 (Reply)
I love your optimism, Shira! And I love Kohl's, too, and I want them to succeed. The stores in my area are always bustling, which is good.
#1.1 The Budget Babe on 2017-01-14 09:35 (Reply)
I feel like they already have these lines and they're called both Juicy Couture and Candies... I know Kohls is trying to draw in the younger crowd (and definitely won't make the mistake JCP did with doing away with coupons and offering one low, flat price) but I don't know that this is the way to do it.
#2 Sarah T on 2017-01-13 16:29 (Reply)
You make some great points. When JCP offered one everyday low price on an item, shoppers recoiled in terror. I was one of them, haha! Shows how irrational we can be. But if the original prices were a bit more realistic, I'd listen up. At Forever 21, I never hesitate to pay full price because the prices are already low (although they've gone up in years). At Target, give me a low price shirt plus a 20% off Cartwheel deal or something, and I'm sold. Just wish Kohl's could find that happy medium.
#2.1 The Budget Babe on 2017-01-14 08:36 (Reply)
Kohls is very lucky that you visit their stores and take the time to write this up. It looks like rebranding of other things they have done ESP some of JLo. My question is why do they do so little marketing on these things? obviously they never even sent you a press release for coverage. Unbelievable from a marketing perspective
#3 Mary Hall (Homepage) on 2017-01-14 09:38 (Reply)
Thanks Mary. As always you are very kind... and very perceptive and got my not-so-subtle hints that I didn't receive a press release or any information for that matter about the line. It is a shame because I like to cover Kohl's - have for years - and I couldn't find coverage of the new line anywhere else.
#3.1 The Budget Babe on 2017-01-14 15:04 (Reply)
Sadly, I rarely cover them or shop there anymore. I find their fashion quality , even for fast fashion , has slipped. The Simply Vera fashions are about the only thing I track there anymore. Their designer collabs started out ok, but those seem to have slipped too.

Now, if I were Kohl's PR or Social Media, Blogger Relations etc and saw you had written this nice story about them, with links driving to their website from your high-traffic website, I would contact you immediately. But I am sure that won't happen.

What would I go to Kohl's for? I would go there to buy appliances, Food Network or Housewares, and FitBit, but not the other items.

I find I shop more at Nordstroms for apparel, or Neiman Marcus Last Calls.
#3.1.1 Mary Hall (Homepage) on 2017-01-15 09:40 (Reply)
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