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Review: Panty Drop Subscription Box

Get beautiful lingerie delivered to your doorstep with this subscription panty box service.
Recently I had the chance to try out a complimentary box from Panty Drop, a subscription lingerie service for women. Aside from the somewhat unfortunate name, Panty Drop is doing everything right. You may wonder, but Budget Babe, how could I possibly need another subscription box? To that, I challenge you to look in your lingerie it up to date with stylish unmentionables that make you feel your best when you get dressed? As much as I swore I'd keep mine sexy, I've been reaching for the same basics for far longer than I'd care to reveal.

Get beautiful lingerie delivered to your doorstep with this subscription panty box service.

So the truth is, I kinda needed this. With Panty Drop, customers sign up once, fill out their preferences, and then receive a customized box of panties every 3 months. Panty Drop has two different subscription plans: a basic plan for $35 that is a great balance between style, affordability and comfort, and a premium plan at $65 for customers who want the best in design and quality. The starting lineup of brands includes Cosabella, Commando, Honeydew Intimates and most recently added, Hanky Panky and White Rabbit. Plus new members get 30% off of their first box, which is an absolute steal at just $8.16 per pair!

My box contained two pairs from the premium line (so of course now I'm spoiled) and one pair from the basic plan, which is actually really nice and great for everyday.

I love the minimal packaging, and I was shocked that all three pairs of underwear fit my style exactly. I love the colors, and most importantly, the natural fabrics. I don't care how cute undies are unless they're natural and breathable fibers. Should you happen to fill out the questionnaire and don't love what you get, returns and exchanges are free.

Get beautiful lingerie delivered to your doorstep with this subscription panty box service.

Added bonus: Panty Drop is big on showcasing small, sustainable businesses, as well as giving back to nonprofit organizations, which you can learn more about here.

Overall I'm impressed with Panty Drop and think it would be the best gift ever for a bride-to-be, sister, BFF, or yourself. I am getting a pop-up when I visit Pantry Drop with an offer for 30% off your first box when you submit your email, so now's the perfect time to give it a try!

Not my cup of tea, but—they actually have plus sizes! Multiple ones! I greatly appreciate this in a subscription box.
#1 Sandra on 2017-03-30 09:52 (Reply)
It is pretty awesome!
#1.1 The Budget Babe on 2017-03-31 08:54 (Reply)
I guess this outs me as a major cheapskate, but I never pay $8 for underwear (panties---bras, that is different). And I buy name brands and only in colors and styles that I love. I just stalk the clearance rack at Kohls and JCP. They both typically have 50-80% off any time I go in. It does take checking the rack regularly to find certain sizes or styles, but I have put back new panties for myself and for my mom as gifts and we both have a nice stash at all times and price per is about $2.
#2 stacey on 2017-03-30 10:14 (Reply)
Haha, you're not alone, I think I pay less than $1.50 per pair of underwear.
#2.1 Sandra on 2017-03-30 13:09 (Reply)
Thanks for this feedback, I was always a 5 for $25 Victoria's Secret gal along with my mom and sister, weird family tradition I guess (?).

To explain some of the costs, I researched and Cosabella is made in Italy, White Rabbit NY is made in Mexico at a fair wage factory. They also source sustainable bamboo and here's more about their women empowerment efforts:
#2.2 The Budget Babe on 2017-03-31 08:53 (Reply)
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