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3 Memorial Day Outfit Ideas Under $100

Cute summer outfit ideas under $100 total!
Memorial Day weekend is here and I couldn’t be more excited! I love hanging out outside with a good barbeque complete with all the fixings and all the friends.

For my outfit plans, I always keep it casual while still managing a chic vibe. I love all these outfits because they’re cool, festive, and comfortable. Also, they’re all under one hundred bucks! So no need to splurge on your looks...instead focus on the food and all the fun you’ll be having!

Look 1:

Cute summer outfit ideas under $100 total!
Colorful boho pom-pom sandals add a major vacay vibe to a white statement blouse and jeans.

Clutch, $9 // Blouse $24.99, // Jeans $24.99, // Sandals $23

TOTAL: $81.98

Look 2:

Cute summer outfit ideas under $100 total!
You didn't think I could style a simple navy sundress with any ol' accessories, did you? Stars and daytime metallics give this sweet dress the edge it needs!

Dress, $29.99 // Shoes, $32 // Shoulder Bag, $17.99 // Lipstick $7.99

TOTAL: $87.97

Look 3:

Cute summer outfit ideas under $100 total!
Nothing says summer like a denim mini. Paired with an off-the-shoulder top and on-trend white sneakers, this updated athleisure look has me channeling Bella Hadid.

Denim Skirt, $24.99 // Trainers, $19.99 // Top, $12.99 // Shoulder Bag, $19.99 // Three Piece Necklace, $7.99

TOTAL: $85.95

All your prices are from UK sites so they are in pounds. Your under $100 prices are wrong. You forget to convert pounds to dollars or actually find the US pricing.
For the last outfit is states it is USD 85.99 BUT it's really £85.99 which comes out to (at the current exchange rate) $110.
#1 Paola on 2017-05-28 09:15 (Reply)
My apologies for the error! Our intern Maddie is currently studying in London, hence the mix-up. Thanks for pointing this out!
#1.1 The Budget Babe on 2017-05-28 14:34 (Reply)
Hi Paola!! I am so sorry about that mixup I am working right now to get the correct prices along with some alternative options to keep those prices under $100 for you.
#1.2 Maddie on 2017-05-28 14:58 (Reply)
No worries! Just wanted you to be aware. :-)
#1.2.1 Paola on 2017-05-28 15:52 (Reply)
Hi again! Maddie has updated the prices & links where applicable - hope this helps!

Look 1: $97.78

Bag- $9.90 (new link because I can't find the same clutch on the US

Blouse- $39.99 (

Jeans- $19.99
Sandals- $27.90

Look 2: $114.87/ $102.87/ $100.96 with the new pieces

Boots- $39.90
Dress- $39.99
This is another similar dress for 34.99

Bag- $24.99
and this bag is $17.99 (
also this clutch $15.99

Lipstick- $9.99

Look 3: $122.95/ $86.86

Denim Skirt- $34.99
found one for $17.99

Trainers- $29.99

Top- $17.99
Shoulder bag- $29.99
Necklace- $9.99 (
# The Budget Babe on 2017-05-29 08:29 (Reply)
That H&M purse is really cute!
#2 Erika (Homepage) on 2017-05-28 22:03 (Reply)
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