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My Favorite Glossy: W Magazine

My glorious Fall issue of W magazine arrived this week, and as I hoisted up the hefty glossy and cradled it in my arms, I was reminded of exactly why this has remained my favorite fashion magazine since at least 1998. We're talking 556 oversized pages of the best in fashion, beauty and style. Sure, there are other fashion magazines that are more avant-garde or feature more budget-friendly finds (although I'm unable to name any offhand) but W continues to shine brighter than the rest for its photography, more photography, some writing and, well, the large format.

My only complaint is they seem to be featuring more and more actresses on the cover, rather than models, but at least they style them in fresh new ways. Kate Hudson looks great on the September 2008 cover in a remake of the September 1994 Harper's Bazaar cover of Nadja Auermann photographed by Patrick Demarchelier (click here to see the covers side by side). Some people are up-in-arms about the cover, calling it a blatant knockoff, but to them I say, take an art history class and get a life. And I'm not saying the Kate cover is a masterpiece but I see nothing wrong with reinterpretting a photograph with an entirely new person. The aim was to remove Kate's girl-next-door association, so they put her in Nadja's iconic fierce model pose. It's not groundbreaking, but it's also not a crime.

If you don't already subscribe, I highly recommend W as a supplement to your online fashion news...ya know, when you're not around a computer and can't access The Babe. Anywho, here are more reasons why I love W:

  • W doesn't do weird for the sake of weird.

  • Just enough mainstream material to keep you in the loop.

  • There's none of the smut you find in other women's magazines, like, "101 Ways to Please Your Man."

  • Very little celebrity talk, with a greater focus on designers, artists, fashion entrepreneurs, both up-and-coming and the well-established icon. Their homage to the late Yves Saint Laurent brought a tear to my eye.

  • Gives its reader the illusion of exclusivity and elitism. As long as I realize it's an illusion, let me enjoy my fantasy.

  • Columns by The Countess Louise J. Esterhazy, a royal snob. Literally.

What's your favorite fashion magazine?

In all honesty, BB, I'm on the search for a new fashion magazine! I used to be a Vogue girl through and through, but got tired of their blatant over-the-top elitist and self-important writing. I think it was an issue which had an article about the African continent in it that was the last straw - They actually used the phrase "naieve native" to describe an individual from a West African nation where most people don't make over $100 in a YEAR, and they regularly use similar terms for middle class America which isn't fair either. I'll step down from my soapbox now ...

I briefly switched to ELLE, but quickly became disappointed. Lately, in my regular trips to the bookstore, I've been getting one fashion magazine at a time, alphabetically (yep!), trying to find a new love. I'm only on M and currently have an issue of Marie Claire, which I perused last night and then almost immediately tossed aside. Oh, the smut it contains!

Perhaps I'll have to skip all the way to W and pick up the latest issue. Thanks for sharing why it's your favorite!
#1 Katie on 2008-08-23 11:54 (Reply)
Vogue Nippon and Vogue Russia both have some pretty avant-garde stuff. I subscribe to Vogue US but it's been a bit bland lately... I've got a friend recommending Nylon to me but I haven't tried it out yet...
#2 Kelin on 2008-08-23 18:25 (Reply)
I read NYLON. it's pretty good in terms of covering a good amount of fashion, events and music!
#3 thebargainfashionista (Homepage) on 2008-08-24 04:03 (Reply)
I love InStyle! It keeps the focus on fashion and beauty. And while the items featured often aren't very budget-friendly, I find that it interprets the latest trends in an accessible way. It's been my favorite for years.
#4 Nikki on 2008-08-24 10:59 (Reply)
I also subscribe to In Style-it's always really thick too and takes eons to go through. But I agree with Nikki- sometimes their suggestions are too pricey. I have gotten W a few times, based on who's on the cover and I agree it is good! That cover of Kate is amazing I think, didn't realize it was her when I first saw it. I have to say sometimes I pick up Glamour just b/c they have more budget friendly finds and I love their do's and dont's.
#5 Real Style Real people (Homepage) on 2008-08-25 11:29 (Reply)
I've been enjoying Lucky magazine the past several months. I like the way they style their clothes and they have recommendations for stores in your city. I wouldn't go run to the nearest expensive boutique, but it gives me quirky ideas on how to try new pieces together that are already in my closet. Love that!
#6 Not So Plain Jane on 2008-08-30 10:39 (Reply)
Countess Louise J. Esterhazy is actually a man named John Fairchild, who is not royalty but a very funny, ascerbic writer.
He fools everyone and anyone hungry to follow a 'royal's' advice...
#7 jLee on 2009-03-28 10:17 (Reply)
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