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My Favorite New Way to Shop at Kohl's

Order online, pick up in store! Genius
Recently I tried the "Order online, pick-up in store" service at Kohl's and it was awesome! Have you guys tried this already? Am I late to the game? Because it's definitely a game-changer!

If you haven't tried this yet, it's easy. You just place your order online at and make sure to use the filters so you're only selecting items that are available for pickup at your store.

Browse entirely based on what's available "today" at your store:

Pick up the same day!

Or, you can see availability on individual items as you click on them and select your color/size of choice:

Pick up the same day!

I tested out the service twice. The first time, I needed a slow cooker fast (I melted the cord on my old one by accident) for my son's 3rd birthday party as we had already planned and purchased tons of meatballs!

So I simply ordered the slow cooker online in a few minutes - it was much easier to compare stats, prices, etc. online than in store IMO! And then I had my husband pick it up on his way home from work. Genius! Saved us both so much time and we didn't have to wait for shipping, which would have been too late.

And yes, you can assign a pickup person with their phone number and email address. It doesn't have to be you. You just have to show your Photo ID when you pick up.

The process was so simple. I love how I got an email confirmation immediately, and then received a text notification once the order was ready for pick up.

The pick-up window, I was told, is typically between 4-6 hours. But sometimes faster. Then I believe you have 6 days to pick up your order (double check that! haha!) before they'll cancel the order.

For my second attempt, I ordered boots for myself and a cute outfit for Penny. This time, my order took closer to 6 hours to be fulfilled, so I ended up waiting until the following day to pick it up. But it was still easier than trying to riffle through the often overstuffed racks to find the perfect outfit in the right size. Mamas, you feel me on this one?! Online, I just quickly and effortlessly honed in on the Carter's outfit I wanted, applied all the promo codes, and didn't have to wait in a long line. (The checkout lines at my Kohl's are always sooo long, and things can be a tad disorganized.)

And did I mention they have special parking just for online pick-up customers?! It's a nice touch when you're in a hurry, or toting two small kids with you and it's cold out!

Order online, pick up in store! Genius

Now, you will have to wait in the Customer Service line to get your order, clearly marked and located right by the front entrance. When my husband picked up the slow cooker, they had an employee at each little kiosk/computer, so he didn't have to wait at all. When I went, I had to wait in the general Customer Service line but it was short and moved very quickly. They simply scanned the barcode in my Kohl's email to locate my order, grabbed it from the back, and I was on my merry way!

This blogger reviews Kohls' order online, pick up in store service

In conclusion, I'll definitely be using Kohls' "order online, pick up in store service" much much more. The dealbreaker for me when shopping online at has always been the shipping cost. They rarely if ever have free shipping unless you spend a certain amount. But now, I can get what I want faster, maximize my savings by stacking those online coupons, skip the shipping fee, and avoid long check-out lines! It's a win-win-win all around.

Have your tried shopping online at and picking up your order at your store? How'd it go?

I love Kohl's! Their cashmere sweaters are my favorite. I'll have to try this option soon. They just opened a location near us after closing down one a couple years ago, so the convenience factor is getting better and better!
#1 MichelleP on 2018-11-29 13:27 (Reply)
Cashmere from Kohl's, I'll have to try that! Glad you have one close-by :-)
#1.1 The Budget Babe on 2018-12-01 23:32 (Reply)
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