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Holiday Gift Ideas Under $25 for Kids

Christmas gift ideas for young kids they'll love! Under $25!

Today's gift guide is probably the one I'm most qualified to write! :-P I have three little ones ages 6, 4 and almost 2 so I'm in the thick of it! Best part: All my picks (or my kids' picks, really) are under $25. You truly do not have to spend a lot on gifts for the kids to get them playing, laughing and learning!

I could list a hundred more things but this is a good starting point, and I noticed every item is at a great price point today during Cyber Week!

1. These organic pajamas are on MAJOR sale! Makes a great gift whether you're looking for holiday jammies or ones the kids can wear all year. My two littlest ones have eczema and I've found the organic cotton is the least irritating, too. Fleece is completely off the table for them so I'm stocking up!

2. My now 6 year old son loved the 3D pen he got from Santa last Christmas (we have this one from TECBOSS but it's sold out - this is their newest version - such a great open-ended toy!). I'm hoping he will like this Crayon Melter this year! Then again he may tell me he can't go back to 2D :-)

3. We were gifted a set of these natural wool dryer balls a while back and they're awesome. Perfect for little ones with sensitive skin or anyone on your list who appreciates a good for the earth, good for people gift!

4. I debated buying one of these book racks for so long and finally ordered one. These shelves make it easy for little ones to see the books, take them and return them to the shelf on their own. I will use ours to curate little libraries based on the seasons or holidays!

5. If you have the space, a little play tent provides hours of entertainment! We had one from IKEA and truth be told, the boys finally destroyed it one day, but at least it was only $19.99. Just ordered this one because they're so fun and I love the design. Sigh. LOL.

6. Legos are such a classic! Gosh I used to sit with my oldest to build a set - offering information only when asked - and now he's building on his own. They build, play with the finished object, break it and create something new! When shopping for kids gifts I like to get things that are rated for one or two years above the actual child's age, too, so if you have a 3 year old, he or she will probably love the 4+ sets and so on!

7. My sister bought this egg matching toy for my daughter's first birthday and wow, she would play with this forever! Then she'd eventually get bored and throw 24 small plastic egg halves across the room, but hey, that's part of the fun (for her, not me) LOL. She continues to play with this set as does my 4 year old, I've caught him teaching her colors and counting!

8. Kids deserve quality art supplies and these crayons are the best we have! Highly pigmented, rich colors. They do break like all crayons but they're a bit more durable. We also love these Chunkies and these Dot Markers - not gimmicky and actually really fun!

9. Ok mamas, will I regret this one?! This is one toy we don't actually have but I'm thinking my boys will love it. They're ages 4 and 6. I'll have to let you know!

Other gift ideas include family memberships to local zoos or museums, or tickets to see a play. I know these are the gifts we'd love to receive! What's your favorite kid toy this year? Drop it below!

Thank you so much for shopping with the commissionable links in this post - that means if you click a link in this post and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission (at no cost to you) which helps keep things going around here! xoBB

Great choices! That egg toy was favorite with my grandchildren.
#1 carla (Homepage) on 2019-12-04 16:12 (Reply)
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