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Pashminas On A Budget

I was recently introduced to a great online resource for affordable pashmina scarves called Pashmina International. In addition to selling a wide array of genuine pashmina shawls and scarves, the company's website also has quite a lot of useful tips and guides (if you don't know what a pashmina is, click here). Pashmina International also does nice things like charity donation and inspecting factories to check for good working conditions. Unless you're planning a trip to Nepal in the near future, I highly suggest you check them out and get yourself a nice, warm, versatile and stylish scarf. I actually own their merino wool shawl in oyster ($44.25), and I love it. It's classic and adds just the right touch to any winter outfit. Be sure to check out their bargain pashmina section where you can get a genuine cashmere and silk pashmina in a brilliant color for as little as $27.40. The real deal is worth it, and it'll cost you much less that it would cost you from a department store, so Pashmina International is worth a visit whether you're shopping for yourself or for holiday gifts.

Visit Pashmina International (

Featured above: BB models her merino wool shawl from Pashmina International. I swear I wear other shirts but I took all these photos on the same day and didn't feel like changing. Just focus on the fab scarf!

If you know anyone from India, esp. north India, you could ask them about pashminas because they're available there at quite low prices, and some gorgeous designs too! Our Indian friends always ask my mother and me what they can bring back from there, and we beg them for pashminas!

If you know someone who's traveling to India or another South Asian country, you could ask them to see if they could get a pashmina shawl from there. I've picked up beautiful pashminas to give as gifts for my American firends, from Sri Lanka, for less than $5!
#1 Anusha (Homepage) on 2008-11-17 21:25 (Reply)
Great tip! My sister in law brought us pashminas after she spent time teaching in Nepal, but I have more friends who travel to India on a regular basis --now I know what to ask for!
#1.1 The Budget Babe on 2008-11-18 23:02 (Reply)
great info! love pashminas. I especially enjoyed the advice. Anusha, I hope your friends are very nice and bring you lots of pashminas. Take care sis.

Also you can check more pashminas from La Purse. They are about the same price and size. You can find bags there too. There are a lot of other websites in the web. check them out too. bye
#2 missstyle on 2008-11-23 15:12 (Reply)
I have bought your pashminas and fdo like them. Another site Pashminas I do enjoy are fromthis very unique community oriented site I got my solid pashminas for $18.00 and paisley ones for $24 free shipping and a gift. They donate for various causes too. I love Yours Elegantly Pashminas as they are soft elegant and inexpensive so I can indulge and buy a couple even for gifts as the women I know are pashmina crazy like me.
#3 Jenny on 2008-12-28 21:57 (Reply)
Seriously, you don't even need to ask friends to travel all the way to India to get pashminas. As long as you see little stalls in the mall, such as ones owned by chinese people, (as i've seen a bunch of those several times and i live in Canada), you can get pashminas for as low as $10 in an array of colours. I'm sorry but why is there a discussion of where to buy them when you can just easily go to a more chinese-populated area of your city. Something like chinatown where they sell scarves for super cheap!
#4 foshizzle on 2009-04-17 00:19 (Reply)
My mom bought me pashminas at $9.99 on clearance from an online site I have grown to love it is called "Yours Elegantly". It has budget and upscale pashminas so I love to indulge myself. I have received a shawl gift from Pashmina International and it is good.
#5 Christie Rollings on 2009-04-21 17:17 (Reply)
Best pashmina site I have shopped at for solid pashmina bridal and bridesmaid shawls is Yours Elegantly. I have to check out Pashmina International still. Love to explore new sites but am stuck on shopping for pashminas at Yours Elegantly.
#6 Simeon on 2009-06-24 19:33 (Reply)
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