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3 Teacher Outfit Ideas from Amazon

graphic t-shirt, satin midi skirt, sneakers look
Teachers who love Amazon, this one is for you! Thinking of outfits for the first day, Meet-the-Teacher, Spirit Day and more can be so exciting! Especially if it can arrive on your doorstep in two days. Whether you are a Type A teacher who has her whole wardrobe planned out along with her lessons, or a Type B teacher who is existing on teacher t-shirts and vibes, here are a few outfit ideas to consider when reaching for comfy and affordable fashion!

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This style is a classic for the classroom. And the beautiful thing is, you can take your favorite t-shirt and turn it into a look! I love a good teacher t-shirt (especially the niche/punny ones) and this $20 one works for any age or subject area. Dress it up with a satin midi skirt that comes in 19 different colors! And because comfort is key, a pair of sneakers in a muted metallic is the perfect footwear for running around making copies or picking up your class from the cafeteria. These simple gold hoops elevate the look and make a great impression without being a distraction to you while working. The final piece in this look is an on trend flower claw clip, that comes in a pack of 6 beautiful colors. Function and fashion is my favorite combo!

midi t-shirt dress, cardigan, boots look
This cozy look is for days where you wish you could wear pajamas to work. Just because class is back in session doesn’t mean you can’t prioritize comfort! A simple t-shirt dress is a staple in a teacher’s wardrobe. This midi style comes in a few colors. Pair it with a fun cardigan like this floral one and you will give major Ms. Honey vibes. Some lightweight boots makes this look something that can last you through fall as temperatures drop outside during recess duty. To make this look more pulled together, this layered necklace looks very intentional and stylish, when in reality it’s all one piece! Add a knotted headband this comfy style is suddenly effortlessly chic.

jeans, blazer, loafers look
Jeans day, but make it fashion. No, really. Teachers love jeans days—whether it’s college t-shirt day, school spirit day, a fundraiser jeans day, or whatever creative way your school incentivizes jeans. Elevate your usual look with a pair of cropped, straight leg Levi jeans. Pair these with a blazer for a trendy take on jeans and a t-shirt. This double breasted one gives collegiate vibes. Add in some chunky loafers and you will wish jeans day was every day! Maintain your school spirit with accessories that match your school or college color. This beautiful tied scrunchy comes in a variety of colors, and is perfect for spirit day. Match your hoop earrings to the school color for a final piece and you will knock this look out of the park.

Which of these looks is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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