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7 Great Gifts for the Budget Snob

If you think you can't be cheap and a snob at the same time, you'd be wrong. Think affordable luxuries or Juicy Couture. High and low, luxe and less go hand in hand in today's world, and many of us penny-pinching fashionistas have champagne taste on a beer budget. Even in tough times, we can indulge those fantasies in oh-so-many ways. So here are seven handsome gifts under $50 for the budget snob on your list (she might be you!):

[Above: Dior Vernis Nail Polish in Black Sequins, $19 at]

Harajuku Lovers fragrances, $25 each at

Soak Wash Cleanser pampers delicate clothing, $14.99 at

Mirror-Metallic Passport Cover, $16.99 each at

Stained Glass necklace, available in three colors, $42 at

One dozen cupcakes from California-based Sprinkles Cupcakes, $46

Kiehl's Aloe Vera Biodegradable Liquid Body Cleanser, $16.50 at

Feel free to send the Dior nail lacquer and the Kiehl's...I will gladly return the favor.

Merry Christmas!
#1 TexNYQueen on 2008-12-17 09:04 (Reply)
They are also carrying the Harajuku Lovers fragrances at Urban Outfitters for the same price, both online and in their "brick and mortar" stores. Dear Husband and I trekked to our (new) local mall yesterday and saw the mini fragrances. It's funny you mentioned those because he pointed them out to me as being "interesting" yesterday. I also re-discovered what a black hole a large Urban Outfitters can be! I haven't lived near a physical UO store in about six years. We spent about an hour and a half in just that store. Thankfully, we went to the shopping center with a strict "No Buy" policy in effect and still had a blast ... But I digress ... The only thing I really needed to say was that Urban Outfitters is carrying the Harajuku Lovers fragrances as well - Just an FYI for those who may not have a Bloomingdales.
#2 Katie on 2008-12-17 10:56 (Reply)
I've been coveting that Anthro necklace ever since it showed its pretty little face in the catalog a month or so ago. A great gift idea!
#3 Sal (Homepage) on 2008-12-17 15:45 (Reply)
Great post! I am very in love with the Harajuku Lovers stuff - hoping Santa brings me some! I also really like that nailpolish - great gift idea, I'm going to remember it!
#4 Trace (Homepage) on 2008-12-17 19:30 (Reply)
It's funny you mention hi and low tastes are mingling so solidly today I just finished reading Deluxe, How Luxury Lost its Luster by Dana Thomas, it's currently about $10 on amazon and provided some very interesting insight into the world of luxury manufacturing.
#5 Victoria on 2008-12-17 21:58 (Reply)
I love the Harajuku Lovers fragrances! But.. just to give a heads up, I bought a necklace very similiar to the stained glass necklace you have posted for $42. I go mine from for $24.00. Here's the link
#6 Jacqui on 2008-12-18 10:32 (Reply)
Les Madeleines in Salt Lake City also ships cupcakes (which are super delicious). Special orders require a minimum of 24 mini-cupcakes ($2.00/cupcake) or 12 large cupcakes (I can't remember how much those are - $2.50 maybe?). She makes an assortment of flavors, including a coffee flavored cupcake with hazelnut buttercream frosting (the Venice), a margarita flavored cupcake with margarita buttercream frosting (Key West), and a chocolate cupcake with passion fruit buttercream (Rio), just to name a few! They have loads of other delicious goodies (homemade s'mores kits, Kouing Aman (4 pack is $24.00 but SO WORTH IT!), and of course, madeleines). The website is
#7 Erin on 2008-12-18 10:47 (Reply)
Wow those are some expensive cupcakes!

I think you may have given me an idea as to what I could get for my aunt this Christmas...She's very into luxury brands, and that Dior polish would fit my budget, and still give her her designer brand.
#8 El on 2008-12-18 11:33 (Reply)
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