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Walmart Sandals Under $19

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Walmart sandals under $19! New for 2021
I rounded up some new sandals that just dropped at! Each pair is under $19 and many come in a wide range of colors—I'm loving the pastel hues for a change! Gets you daydreaming about sun, sand and all that good stuff. Which pairs are your favorite?

Spot the Deal: Which Sweater Set Costs Less?

Can you guess which sweater set costs less?
Is it a workday or the weekend? That's the vibe we're getting from this preppy sweater set with a midriff-baring tank. See if you can hone in on the details that make one of these sets cost close to $200, while the other is on sale for just $24. Answer after the jump!

Spot the Deal: Which Woven Mules Cost Less?

Can you guess which pair of mules costs less?
Let's see if I can stump you today! These woven mules are going to be spring/summer's must-have shoe. We love the slip-on styling and rich texture of the weaving. See if you can tell which pair costs less—answer after the jump!

Spot the Deal: Which Henley Costs Less?

Can you guess which henley costs more?
For many years, I used to do a feature here on the blog called "Spot the Real" where I'd show two similar items and you had to guess which was the designer original, and which was the "budget doppelgänger." Today seemed like a good day to bring back this fun feature! Of course, we're just comparing two images, but see if there are any clues you can pick up on that will help you decide which item costs less. The answer is after the jump!