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Look for Less: Tretorn Tournament Net for J.Crew Sneakers

Tretorn versus Walmart
Recently I picked up the cutest pair of white mesh sneakers at Walmart for just under $15. Then I stumbled upon a pair at J.Crew that looks remarkably similar but for $65! I felt like my budget pick was validated by the J.Crew tastemakers.

Look for Less: Pottery Barn The Great White Square Dinnerware

Pottery Barn look for less at Walmart!
Ever since I bought my tufted headboard by Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart, I've kind of been obsessed with this brand's full collection of budget home decor.

Look for Less: Winged Tufted Headboard

Winged tufted headboard look for less
I finally made a decor decision and bought a new headboard for my bedroom. Currently I've been sleeping on a mattress and boxspring, no bed frame or headboard. But it's all good. Little by little, I'll get it done!

Off the Rack: Easter Decor at Walmart

Easter decor has arrived at Walmart.
After I checked out the spring fashions at Walmart, we swung by the Easter decor aisle which is already brimming with candies, baskets, and every bunny/carrot/egg themed item you could possibly imagine. I liked the old-timey decor items with a vintage, homemade feel the best, like a little twigs and raffia rabbit, or a door sign that said 'Happy Easter' in brown and orange burlap.

My kids gravitated towards the items in the brightest, most unnatural neon colors imaginable, but somehow I managed to convince them that organic fruit snacks were a better shopping reward than Trolls (the movie) plastic Easter eggs (because we all think of Trolls when we think of Easter...?). Score one for Mom! Check out my pics below to see if there's anything cute you'll be adding to your spring festivities - most items were priced between just $3 and $15.