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Beauty Review: Sally Hansen Color Quick Fast Dry Nail Color Pen

Sally Hansen Color Quick Fast Dry Nail Color PenThe Budget Beauty Babe reviews a product that might just extend the life of your precious manicures. —BB

by The Budget Beauty Babe
I love having my nails perfectly polished, but I hate having my manicure slowly fade when I’m on the go. Sally Hansen seemed to be reading my mind (and the minds of women everywhere) when they came up with their Color Quick Fast Dry Nail Color Pens: Nail polish in an easy to use, click and brush portable applicator.

I was skeptical at first, but after painting my nails faster than I ever had before, I realized that this is a really fun idea. While the brush on the pen is slightly too large and fluffy for my liking, it does the job, and while these pens are not exactly necessary for every manicure they are a fun addition to a travel bag or purse and will keep you stress free when you need a touch up on the go.

Shop it: Sally Hansen Color Quick Fast Dry Nail Color Pen, available in 8 colors, $8.49 at

I have the pen by Nicole/OPI and I think it's great. My only complaint is that you really have to pile it on or else it's watery and transluscent but that can be great for summer time, especially when it's a nice coral stain.
#1 Wanderlusting (Homepage) on 2009-02-06 18:38 (Reply)
We found that the Sally Hansen pens actually had very good coverage, and one coat did the trick! Which, like you said, is good or bad depending on your preference :-)
#1.1 The Budget Beauty Babe on 2009-02-06 19:11 (Reply)
I bought the Sally Hansen Color Quick pen and I loved the first application I tried (on natural nails) but the second time I used it I had problems with treaking and I noticed I needed to use much more for an even coat. I believe it's the brush that gets a bit clumped up under the cap after it has polish on it. I wasn't pleased with the brush as well as traditional bottled polishes either but on a positive note, this really IS a quick drying polish and if you get it on right the first time then one coat is enough.
#1.1.1 Shine on 2009-05-27 16:24 (Reply)
I've been wondering if these were worth buying or not. They sounded a little too good to be true and I didn't want to test them on myself!
#2 Michelle (Homepage) on 2009-02-06 18:53 (Reply)
Thanks for the review! I saw these yesterday, but I wondered about what happens when the brush dries with polish - seems like it would be ruined.
#3 Down Comforter (Homepage) on 2009-02-07 14:39 (Reply)
I bought one of these for NYE and I felt like I had to apply 10 coats before any color would stay on. It's convenient but not worth it when the color is barely there.
#4 pepper on 2009-02-20 13:55 (Reply)
I bought the color quick dry nail polish in Midnight (which is a navy blue) and the first coat didn't do the trick but the second coat made it look black. Im not pleased...
#5 Nikki on 2009-10-19 07:06 (Reply)
it seems like a great idea... that's why i bought it. the coverage is HORRIBLE and Streaky and ugh! idk how you guys like this product. the brush is way to big and nail polish dries on it and when the nail polish comes out it stays at the top of the brush, and what good is it gonna do there? im not a complainer but this product just make me "go off"
#6 not pleased (Homepage) on 2009-12-28 10:41 (Reply)
I am sitting here with my nails half done. This says 1-2 coats. I have done like 5 and they still are streaky. I was very disappointed as soon as i opened the box and opened the cap. the brush size is about 3-4 times bigger than what it shows in the picture. The bristles are not at all what they look like. It feels like horse hair and it was all frayed at the end. I can't believe I wasted my money on this. Now I'm just going to throw it away because there's nothing I can do with it. Also the picture shows the color coming out at the bottom but it actually comes out at the top of the brush and then dries quickly as promised* so that the brush dries up and its hard to get any more on your nails. Do not buy this product!!!! Also I've been sitting here for about 10 minutes and my nails are still sticky. I guess it only dries fast on the brush
#7 Emmy on 2010-07-01 16:21 (Reply)
I've bought several different shades of this pen - 5, I think. I love it! My nails are dry, usually with only one coat in about 5 minutes with no damage. I like the larger brush because it gives better coverage. I chose one shade that was simply too pale for me - although there was no prob with the polish itself. The last pen I bought was turqoise chrome - evidently whatever makes the shine clumps up on the brush. I was able to use the pen twice and now I can't because it's clogged up. Other than that, I have had no problems or issues with the pens. They're great! Especially for those with children who don't have a lot of time for their nails to dry.
#8 Marsanne (Homepage) on 2010-08-30 12:46 (Reply)
Wow...I can't believe I bought this. I mean, yeah it drys quick but who wants to go out looking like you ran a small rake across your fingernails when you where painting them. I had to use 2-5 coats before I was satisfied with the end result, a strange looking purple. Anyway, I bought it at Wal-mart for a discount, I wonder why? When I went to take the cap off to touch up my nails, the brush was all lumpy, and it took off most of the other coats I'd already put on. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!
#9 Abigail on 2011-03-29 18:33 (Reply)
I liked it a lot when i first got it but when i painted my nails a couple times after it was clumpy on my nails and didn't look very good. it does dry really fast though which is a plus.
#10 Alex on 2011-07-29 18:53 (Reply)
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