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3 New (To Us, At Least) Online Sample Sale Sites

Dozens of online sample sale websites seem to have cropped up over the past year or so, each promising designer fashions at drastically reduced prices. Here are three of the latest ones I've come across for your bookmarking & browsing pleasure. All are free to join and you don't need a special invite. I haven't shopped at any of these yet so let me know if you do! This website offers weekly one-day, one-deal sales. Currently, you can score a pair of Modern Vintage Leather Butero Black Boots, originally $295, for just $49.99. Not bad! If you love infomercials, then you'll love their video presentations about the day's sale. Warning: They are very persuasive! Look for daily sales to roll out in just a few weeks.

>> Click here to join ShopFlick This premier designer sample sale company has been around since 2001 hosting in-person sales, and has recently added online sales at their website. Word on the street is that Thursday's sale will feature beautiful jewelry and leather pieces by Beyrll. Sign up for their emails which will notify you when a sale starts.

>> Click here to join Another online outlet store for members only, Secret Style's strong point seems to be featuring lesser-known (but no less fab) designer labels, which means price points are often much lower than, say, Gilt or Rue La La. Recent sales included Trish McEvoy cosmetics, while Morphine Generation clothing is currently up for grabs. Once you sign up, you'll get email alerts for all their sales, which last about 24-48 hours or until they run out of stock.

>> Click here to join

Have you scored any great deals at an online sample sale website? Which one is your favorite?

I made my first purchase at shopflick for the butero boots and the site is difficult for the novice to operate. Their receipt shows no shipping address so I can't doublecheck that they're sending it to my shipping or billing address. The boot was a steal but I hope I receive them. I sent what I thought was a message to them but now shows up as a thread with my full name and address!? If you or anyone have any tips it would be greatly appreciated! I shop at gilt, ruelala, hautelook, and topsecret and have never encountered these issues.
#1 my on 2009-02-24 20:50 (Reply)
I've scored some great deals at regent's secret (I haven't seen anything from them in ages), hautelook, ruelala, gilt, and mini social for me, my husband and daughter.

thanks for sharing these other sites. I wasn't aware of them either.

love your blog!
#2 lise on 2009-02-25 12:11 (Reply)
I've been a member at Secret Style for some time, but nothing of note has crossed my radar from their alerts ...
#3 Sal (Homepage) on 2009-02-25 13:15 (Reply)
Arg. tried to get those boots on Shopflick and they don't ship to Canada. Arg, I hate living here sometimes! Piperlime also won't ship to Canada, we always get shafted.
#4 Wanderlusting (Homepage) on 2009-02-25 13:44 (Reply)
Thanks so much for the info!
#5 Gloria on 2009-02-25 14:40 (Reply)
From Thanks "Babe" for the review.

If any of your readers visit and register

I'll give them $10 to spend on my site.

Happy shopping.
#6 David (Homepage) on 2009-02-25 19:04 (Reply)
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