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The Best Places to Shop for Maternity Clothes

Check out this list of the best maternity clothing stores.


When people find out I write a fashion blog, the first question they ask me is, "Where can I buy maternity clothes that are cute and don't cost a fortune?!" or something along those lines. And I totally understand why - finding stylish maternity fashion that's affordable can be a daunting task, but luckily there are lots of options for today's expectant moms. Here's a quick round-up of the best places to shop for maternity clothes right now:

Ask BB: Kate Middleton's India Tour Fashion for Less

Kate Middleton in India
Question: I came across this dress that Kate Middleton wore during her tour in India and really like it. Any idea where I can find something similar at a reasonable price? —Brenda P.

Answer: First off I'd like to say that I am happy to be bringing the "Ask BB" column back after a long, unplanned hiatus! This weekend on a whim I did a search of "Ask BB" in my email and discovered dozens of unopened messages that had been inadvertently filtered into the wrong folder (thank you, spam filters!) - so if you have tried contacting me with a question and never got a response, I am so so sorry! My favorite part of Budget Babe has always been answering reader questions, and I just figured you guys stopped reaching out around the time I had kiddos and honestly things were (are?) too hectic to get through emails each day! I was so happy to find all your questions so I will be plowing through those in the next couple of days to get everyone's fashion requests answered. Again, my apologies for the mishap and thank you for continuing to send me your questions, it means a lot.

Moving on...Kate Middleton looked amazing in a number of boho chic dresses like the one above during her recent tour of India and Bhutan. You can get all the details of her tour wardrobe from Daily Mail. To get the look for less, I would check brands like Lucky Brand, Forever 21, H&M, Xhilaration at Target and Free People.

Here are some similar dresses I rounded up online mostly under $50:

Boho chic dresses on a budget
Row One:
Embroidered smock dress • $68

FOREVER 21 abstract tile print maxi dress • $32.90

FOREVER 21 striped floral maxi dress • $19.99

Row Two:
FOREVER 21 contemporary tile print maxi dress • $16.99

Influence Long Sleeve Boho Maxi Dress • $41

Blue Paisley Maxi Shirt Dress • $98

Row Three:
H&M - Embroidered Maxi Dress - White - Ladies • $49.99

Lucky Brand Woven Dress • $39.99

Free People Cabaret Long Sleeve Maxi Dress • $58

Got a great find for Brenda? Share it in the comments!

Shown above: Kate Middleton in a Topshop dress

Kate Middleton Photo Credit: i-Images, PacificCoastNews

Ask BB: Black Tulle Skirt for Less

Tulle skirt

QuestionI am wondering if you could hopefully find a black tutu skirt for less? I love this one from Space 46, but not in the budget. Thanks! —Elizabeth B. via Facebook

AnswerIf you can find your size, this black tulle midi skirt is just $8.90 at SheInside! Here's how it looks in real life on the fashion blog Style Diary by Osy.

Here are some more options from $19.90 (use the arrows to click through):

Ask BB: Stylish Diaper Bags on a Budget

Diaper bag

QuestionI'm [5] months pregnant and on the hunt for a stylish (and budget friendly) diaper bag. Any recommendations? —Katherine M.

QuestionFirst off, congratulations! You're about to embark on the most magical journey of your life. This journey can also get really expensive, really fast, so you're right to want a diaper bag that's affordable.

Now there seem to be two schools of thought among moms when it comes to diaper bags: Those who say a diaper bag is essential and those who say any ol' bag can double as a diaper bag. I started out with a traditional diaper bag, then moved on to a regular handbag for carrying all my little one's supplies and gear. I liked the idea of having a "real" diaper bag for those early months - it's sort of a rite of passage, and it functioned really well. Plus, once I knew what I needed in a bag, I could easily pick out a regular bag that would do the job equally well.