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Ask BB: Designer Inspired Sporty Sandals for Less

I'm really into this spring's sporty sandal trend because I'm all about comfort. The problem is I'm coveting these high-end styles like this Marni, this Fendi, and this other Marni. Can you suggest any similar styles that won't break the bank? —Cathy N.

Sporty Sandals for Spring

Thanks to high street brands like Topshop, we've got plenty of sporty sandals for spring under $100.

Let's start with the Topshop "Hydrate" ($35, NORDSTROM.COM):

Or the Topshop "Frankie Razor Sole" for that metallic feel ($95, NORDSTROM.COM):

Or the Topshop "Wilder" wedge ($135, NORSTROM.COM):

And let's not forget about the Forever 21 chunky sandal ($24.80) which I featured earlier HERE:

Head to for more great designer-inspired sandals for spring!

Have a suggestion for Cathy? Let her know in the comments!
Thanks so much, BB! I ended up getting the Topshop Wilder wedge and these jeweled Zara sandals: They're both super cute and comfortable. Btw I tried on the actual metallic Marni ones I liked and they were totally unflattering. Glad I didn't spend the $ on those ;-)
#1 cathy (Homepage) on 2014-04-30 22:12 (Reply)
Love your picks!

Btw, I noticed H&M has some and Kohl's, too, from their Simply Vera line:
#1.1 The Budget Babe on 2014-05-13 20:45 (Reply)
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