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Ask BB: Where to Find Affordable and Stylish Nursing Clothes

Stylish and affordable clothes for nursing

Now that you are a nursing mom I was wondering if you could do a piece on affordable nursing- friendly clothes. I'm currently nursing my 4 month old and I'm finding it really challenging to find cute, trendy AND affordable nursing clothes. I love the nursing lines from Seraphine, Boob and Mothers en Vogue but $100 for one shirt, I just can't do. I used to love fashion and now I basically dread getting dressed in the morning. Help! —Mystee

I totally know what you're going through as I've been having the same problems. And not only am I dealing with my changing figure and trying to make clothes fit, but now we're dealing with the changing seasons and finding warm nursing clothes seems impossible!

Here's what's been working for me so far - I'd love to get feedback from other moms as I could use the advice myself.
Early on, a couple readers suggested I stop trying to find nursing specific clothes and just shop for regular items that are nursing-friendly (see the comments on this post). This was genius advice and I'm so glad I listened. I've been wearing spaghetti strap tank tops with built in shelf bras (similar here and here) and just using the Lansinoh disposable nursing pads for you-know-what (purchased in bulk from Some moms at my breastfeeding support group swear by the natural wool nursing pads but I have yet to try these.

Layered on top of my tanks, I'll either wear a button down shirt (preferably one with snaps!) or a loose-fitting cardigan or sweater - something I can easily pull up that still drapes a bit over the rest of my tummy.
I've been wearing the same chambray and plaid shirts on repeat with skinny jeans and ankle boots. I also just discovered that a large, lightweight scarf makes an excellent nursing cover that doubles as a stylish accessory! I got one in stone grey at T.J.Maxx last week that's just perfect.

And that's basically it. I've noticed most of the moms at my mommy group do the same - and moms who need extra support just wear a nursing bra under their tank top OR opt for nursing tanks (H&M and Target both have great cheap options, like these) plus regular clothes.

Where have you found stylish nursing clothes? Or stylish nursing-friendly clothes? Mystee and I would love to know!

P.S. If you've emailed me regarding fashion advice and haven't heard back - I sincerely apologize - I am way behind on emails so please try resending me your question or hit me up on Facebook or Twitter. Your letters mean a lot to me and I feel awful when I can't respond to each question. I really do. Thank you! —BB

My youngest is 3. All I can say is try to spend as little as possible. It was painful to see my expensive maternity/nursing clothes once I stopped using them. It's also kind of hard to get rid of them as well. I mean, is there really such a thing as a "sexy" nursing bra?
#1 Sara on 2013-10-30 16:22 (Reply)
I have been nursing my baby for 10 months now & have no nursing tops, only nursing tanks from Target & a couple of nursing bras. I always use the two-shirt method - pull up an outer shirt & pull down the tank. It gives almost total coverage & makes nursing in public a synch!
#2 Shannon on 2013-10-30 21:05 (Reply)
Walmart has nursing tanks (online only) and I like them better than target (d cup for reference). V necks are also great for pull down. Both target and the limited have faux wrap tops (meaning there is no tie) and they are super easy (I use the limited's long sleeves over button downs for layering). Also cowl neck sweaters are great for pull down. Basically think outside the box with clothes you own... sometimes it also helps to go a Size up (as long as you aren't compromising shape)
#3 natalie on 2013-10-31 07:43 (Reply)
Hi Budget Babe! I just realized that you'd asked for suggestions on nursing bras in the comments of your H&M online shopping post a few months ago. It sounds like you've enjoyed the nursing tanks and I'm sure you have your system nailed down by now! I just wanted to add for the larger chested readers who still might be looking for a nursing bra, I had success with the Bravado Bliss nursing bra: It comes in smaller bands and larger cups, which was helpful for me. It holds shape without having an underwire (underwires can block ducts). Like you and the other readers, I did best with non-nursing clothes that allowed nursing access.
#4 Katie on 2013-10-31 13:44 (Reply)
Thank you Katie! These recommendations from other moms are so important, and we all have different bra needs so it helps to ask around. Thanks again for sharing.
#4.1 The Budget Babe on 2013-10-31 21:45 (Reply)
A good start, but as a mom of three I have to say- you ladies have GOT to check out . Search the sight for anything, Shana has lots of ideas that will not only crack you up, but give you a new hope for fashion post-baby. I think the best footwear is boots- you can chase people on the playground and still feel put-together. After nursing for 4 of the last 6 years, layers are the best way to keep your skin covered. Drapey or low-cut shirts (spend enough to get a good material because spit up means more frequent washing a), scarves, and tanks for covering the belly while lifting another shirt up. I love skinny jeans with a big drapey top/sweater and boots. I think the most important thing is to remember the joyous reason you have this new baby-friendly body, and learn to dress it well, not mourn (too much) the pre-baby body you had. My abs are shot, I can diet all day and never have that flattish tummy again, so I wear mid-to-high rise jeans (urban outfitters, Levi's, dkny, jcrew, jbrand - thrifted or on sale), and lots of knit tops that flow graciously over the pooch, and cardigans, blazers/jackets that add back in that more tailored shape. Good luck, mamas!
#5 Kimberly (Homepage) on 2013-10-31 21:51 (Reply)
Kimberly's comment reminded me of this post from BB last year:!.html#.UnOnPaWJisM I found it really helpful when I had a 6 month old last fall. Uniform #1 (Cardigan, cotton top, dark denim, tall flat boots) is nursing friendly and easy to assemble from a variety of stores. For Uniform #2 (Day dress, tights and boots), I had a hard time finding a nursing-friendly cold weather dress last year. However, this year I have my eye on cowl neck sweater dresses from Limited and Banana Republic, which I hope to snag on sale after Thanksgiving. Budget Babe, I'm a huge fan, thanks for everything you do!
#5.1 Katie on 2013-11-01 08:25 (Reply)
Thanks for doing the post BB and thanks to the other moms that commented. I guess it is all about layers!
#6 Mystee on 2013-11-01 11:02 (Reply)
great styles tips. It is always hard to find clothes for an ever changing body let alone keeping it in season. That's why I find having staple clothes in your closet like the white shirts and mat jeans are always good to have.
#7 Bean and Me (Homepage) on 2014-04-16 19:40 (Reply)
I adore hotmilk! I know they are a bit pricey, but worth it in the long run. You can grab them on sale sometimes too
#8 Aster & Oak (Homepage) on 2015-07-05 11:44 (Reply)
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