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The Sak Handbag Sale at

For many fashion lovers on a budget, the quest for a classic, high-quality leather bag is one that never ends. Fortunately, designer sample sale websites like The Top Secret are making that journey a little easier. Today, you can pick up a timeless handbag from The Sak, a popular brand sold at major department stores, for up to 55% off retail price. The Sak small Ashbury shopper, for example, available in either black, yellow or white leather is now just $60. I've seen these at Nordstrom, and they look top-notch! Shop the sale now at Need an invite? Drop me a comment.

I just saw a cute Sak bag in People's Style Watch.
Please send me an invite to Top Secret.
#1 Susan (Homepage) on 2009-03-16 10:44 (Reply)
please send me an invite! thanks!
#2 kim cicmansky on 2009-03-16 11:20 (Reply)
I love The Sak bags! Can I please have an invite as well?
#3 Jenn on 2009-03-16 11:30 (Reply)
Could I get an invite please?
#4 Ally (Homepage) on 2009-03-16 12:19 (Reply)
Me too! Could you send me an invite? I love Sak bags.
#5 Abby on 2009-03-16 12:30 (Reply)
Can you please send me an invite to
#6 Sonu on 2009-03-16 12:33 (Reply)
Can I please get an invite? Thank you :-D
#7 Noh on 2009-03-16 12:38 (Reply)
Thank you! Could I please get an invite. Fan of "The Sak" bags! I have a silverlake flap bag and it's great
#8 Sarah on 2009-03-16 13:38 (Reply)
could i by chance get an invite? thank you! :-)
#9 Jen on 2009-03-16 13:41 (Reply)
Could I get an invite please? thank you!!
#10 Lauren on 2009-03-16 14:56 (Reply)
can i get a invite please? thankyoou x]
#11 Jen on 2009-03-16 14:59 (Reply)
May I have an invite please???!!!!!!!!!! Thanks hun! =)
#12 Salmeen on 2009-03-16 15:42 (Reply)
wow, there are so many private sale sites i don't know about. could i get an invite as well? thanks!
#13 g on 2009-03-16 15:49 (Reply)
please send me an invite! thanks
#14 jessica on 2009-03-16 16:05 (Reply)
Would love an invite. Thank you!
#15 Fiona on 2009-03-16 16:11 (Reply)
Please, please send me an invite. Thanks so much!!!
#16 Christina on 2009-03-16 17:26 (Reply)
Hi! I would love an invite to check out the sale. Thanks!
#17 Melissa Cobin on 2009-03-16 19:42 (Reply)
I love your blog!!

Could I also get an invite? ;-)

#18 Amanda (Homepage) on 2009-03-16 21:08 (Reply)
Invite please!

#19 Elena K on 2009-03-16 21:30 (Reply)
would love an invite! :-)
#20 Sara on 2009-03-16 21:31 (Reply)
Hi! I would like an invite. :-) Thank you!
#21 Joybox on 2009-03-16 22:17 (Reply)
Hi, can I get an invite too? thanks!
#22 Erin on 2009-03-16 23:12 (Reply)
May I get an invite? Thank you!
#23 Patricia on 2009-03-16 23:22 (Reply)
Love your site. I was actually just checking out a few Sak handbags the other day, but held off because of the price. Might I ask for an invite? Thanks in advance!
#24 Jessica on 2009-03-17 01:13 (Reply)
Send me a code please.
#25 Debby on 2009-03-17 05:33 (Reply)
May I also get an invite? Email: waternymph216[at]gmail[dot]com
#26 Pebble on 2009-03-17 06:38 (Reply)
I hate to be greedy, but I didn't get an invite. :-(. Could you please send me one?
#27 Patricia on 2009-03-17 09:54 (Reply)
I love this budget babe website. Is there any way someone can send me an invitation to

Thank you so much.

#28 shelley bailey on 2009-03-17 10:51 (Reply)
Could I have an invite? It looks so good!!
#29 Catherine on 2009-03-17 12:47 (Reply)
I love private sale sites! They are one of the best ways to get great deals on designer brands. I haven't come across this one yet! I would love an invite :-)
#30 Chantal on 2009-03-17 13:29 (Reply)
Please send me an invite! Their sales are so great!! :-)
#31 Reba on 2009-03-19 18:12 (Reply)
Can you please send me an invite too?!
#32 Son on 2009-03-20 07:16 (Reply)
Hi there,

Can I get an invite to this website? Thank you very much!
#33 Jasmine on 2009-03-21 03:05 (Reply)
I love your column and would love an invite. Thanks
#34 Teresa on 2009-03-21 16:57 (Reply)
Would love an invite. Thank you so much!
#35 Praew on 2009-03-21 22:04 (Reply)
I would love an invite! Thx
#36 Michelle on 2009-03-24 10:33 (Reply)
Could you please send me an invitation to Top Secret!! That would be amazingly fabulous!! :-)
#37 Kelsey on 2009-03-25 20:28 (Reply)
Could you also invite me to Top Secret! It looks like a wonderful site.

#38 Megs on 2009-03-25 21:11 (Reply)
Thanks for the invite
#39 ali (Homepage) on 2009-03-28 19:18 (Reply)
hi, pls send me an invitation to thetopsecret , thanks
#40 julie on 2009-03-29 03:08 (Reply)
hey.. can i get an invite? thanks!
#41 elfi on 2009-04-05 06:45 (Reply)
I would love an invite as well! Thanks!
#42 Jaclyn on 2009-04-07 00:41 (Reply)
Hope I am not too late. Could I get an invite too? Thanks!
#43 Isabel on 2009-05-01 23:06 (Reply)
Can i get an invite to my email is thank you
#44 julie on 2009-06-30 10:59 (Reply)
Hi, can I get an invite?

#45 theresa jackson on 2009-07-07 01:01 (Reply)
HI, can i get an invite?
#46 jenny on 2010-03-14 19:03 (Reply)
please send me an invite to!
#47 angie on 2010-04-09 18:56 (Reply)
Pleassseeee Invite me! :-)
#48 Karen on 2012-05-19 17:56 (Reply)
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