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Ask BB: What to Pack for a Las Vegas Vacation

I'm wondering if you have any suggestions for outfits/essentials for my first trip out to Las Vegas. I am 25 years old and will be headed out there with my boyfriend and a group of our mutual friends this June. It will be our first time and we are staying at the Bellagio! —Jess, Brookfield, IL

Ok, first of all, I'm so jealous. I have never been to Vegas ::sniff sniff:: I feel so deprived! However I think my inner party girl can be of some assistance. Here's what I'd pack:

For Day: You'll no doubt be spending lots of time by the pool, so pack a couple cute bathing suits, a fabulous wide brim straw hat, a breezy tunic cover-up, oversized shades, flip flops, lots of sunscreen and a big tote to carry all your essentials.

When you're not by the pool, you'll probably be shopping and just taking in all the sights. It's going to be hot, so I recommend cute lightweight day dresses and some comfy gladiator-inspired sandals.

This sexy halter dress with ribbon banding is perfect for partying in Sin City. Now just $9.99 at!

For Night: You're 25. You're in Vegas. Have fun and pack a different dress for each night. Now's your chance to wear sequins, ruffles, feathers, neon—you name it.

To simplify the accessorizing process, I'd pack one great little evening bag with a strap to keep hands free (and to keep your ID/money safe), one pair of heels (or just wear embellished or metallic flat sandals), some long chain necklaces that you can layer and a stack of shiny bangles. Pick all accessories in either silver or gold so everything matches.

If you don't want to do a dress each night, pack dressy black shorts or black pants and some fun party tops. You might also want to pack solid print, knee length jersey dresses that you can wear during the day with flats, then dress up with heels and jewelry at night. Saves space in the suitcase.

Finally, (I can hear Mom now) pack a longsleeve jersey wrap cardigan in black that won't wrinkle, is lightweight, and you can toss it on should you need a cover up during the evening.

Readers: Did I miss anything?

Here are some more specific ideas on what to pack to help you party in style...
you'll be walking a lot...or lay by the pool so please, don't forget your SPF!!!

also...comfy flipflops =)

have fun!! you'll enjoy Vegas!
#1 anne on 2009-04-27 14:40 (Reply)
as someone that lives in Vegas, here are my tips for being a GOOD tourist:

Your swimsuit is ONLY appropriate AT THE POOL. please bring a coverup to walk through (or BETWEEN) casinos!

I agree with Anne, you MUST go high on SPF! we see SO many completely fried people. The UV index is consistently at a 9 or 10, we usually have very little cloud cover, and it's a desert, so there is a lot of reflection from the buildings and sand.

That being said, your most important accessory should be a HUGE bottle of water. Drink throughout the day, and for every oz. of alcohol, drink an 1.5 oz. of water. There are a lot of cases of dehydration, which can also cause alcohol poisoning.

Your second most important accessory is good shoes. I personally think flip-flops don't hold up well for tourists. Walking from, for example, the Bellagio to MGM Grand will end up being at LEAST 2 miles, on hot, hard pavement. One thing you'll see as a fashionable tourist is how UNFASHIONABLE most of your counterparts are. But the fanny-packers usually are wearing the best shoes for the task, so take note.

I'd also leave the big statement bag at home, and carry a sleeker, yet expandable over-the-shoulder variety (one that can hold a bottle of water!). Walking along the Strip, it's CROWDED, and your cubic-foot-sized purse should not take up more room than yours.

For the clubs! Definitely bring a little evening bag with strap. One that closely tucks under your arm. My personal peeve of tourists is believing that you must dress trashy to play in our world. You are going to a classy nightclub, not a stripclub. Your drink will cost $18, your dress should cost, or at least look, like it costs at least triple that. The picture that BB has included in this post is PERFECT for our nightclubs! I would avoid shoes that you can't stand in for hours too! After a long wait to get IN the club, it is standing-room only, unless you buy a table (upwards of $500!) It pains me to see girls hobbling along in the club, or worse, shoeless! If i could figure out an emergency flip-flop that could fit into an evening bag, I'd be a billionare!

When you're not in a club, BB is spot-on with her jersey dress suggestion. You will be well-dressed for any occasion.

Finally, we have some of the best shopping in the world! Pack light to begin, with an empty duffel bag. Spend a few hours a day shopping, and then you'll have fabulous clothes for the evening, and a suitcase to take them home.

Hope that helps! You'll have a blast.
#2 betsy on 2009-04-27 15:12 (Reply)
THANK YOU! Your local wisdom is pure gold =)
#2.1 The Budget Babe on 2009-04-27 16:36 (Reply)
Awesome tips!
#2.2 Nora on 2009-04-27 18:54 (Reply)
I travel a bit for work and have discovered the best accessory. In Las Vegas, you have to be prepared to go from really hot weather outside to really cold air conditioning inside. I use a cotton scarf that I can waer around my neck or keep in my purse when I am outside and then when I come inside the cold airconditioning I use it as a shawl. The scarf also works really well on airplanes and in conference rooms.
#3 Stephanie on 2009-04-27 16:08 (Reply)
:-) usually when traveling, you don't want to look like a tourist. I find that doesn't apply to most tourists here. People think you have to have a "get-up" to come here.

I had a friend try to plan a Vegas trip (to see me in my own house in the suburbs!), but everyone "had to dress really tacky-trashy"... it was so disheartening. We DO have style and sense here! most of us.

But a lot of tourists believe that, I guess. I say if you won't wear it at home, don't try to pull it off here! There's enough things to make you uncomfortable here (heat, crowds, over-bloated egos...) to not be comfortable in your outfit! Don't wear heels or dress that you wouldn't wear at home. It's just a mission for disaster.

And Stephanie is totally right! A great scarf is so perfect for this weather (and indoors, where sometimes our AC's work overtime to compensate). And its VERY on trend with the local young ladies. You'll fit right in!
#4 betsy on 2009-04-27 17:10 (Reply)
I agree with the steaming HOT outside and FREEZING in all the hotels/casinos- a scarf/wrap is good idea! and the shopping is AMAZING!
#5 Real Style Real people (Homepage) on 2009-04-28 08:17 (Reply)
Wow BB this is even a great list for my Trump adventure in Miami. Thanks for taking all the guess work out!

Also a statement bag is a must!
#6 Steph on 2009-04-28 12:33 (Reply)
You should tag this under "Travel" as well!
#6.1 Steph on 2009-05-07 13:15 (Reply)
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