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Four Pearl Cluster Necklaces: Would You Wear One?

Clusters of pearl beads give a new twist to an old classic. Would you wear one of the options below?

J.Crew at ShopStyle

Option A: Pearl-cluster necklace, $125 at

Spiegel at ShopStyle

Option B: Bubble Bead Necklace, $39 at

Forever 21 at ShopStyle

Option C: Lace & Faux Pearl Necklace, $7.80 at

Forever 21 at ShopStyle

Option D: Pearl Cluster Necklace, $5.80 at

These are all so lovely! They're very elegant and yet edgy with the chunkiness to them. Definitely a great twist on a somewhat boring classic.
#1 MizzJ (Homepage) on 2009-04-28 12:31 (Reply)
Definitely! I'm loving the J.Crew version ... naturally, the spendiest of the bunch. Sigh.
#2 Sal (Homepage) on 2009-04-28 12:40 (Reply)
Love this look! I actually saw the ones from F21 in person and they are really cool looking - not cheap at all. I really liked them! Of course I am sure the JCrew option is gorgeous too...
#3 Jill (Homepage) on 2009-04-28 12:44 (Reply)
I would wear all of them!!
#4 Danielle (Homepage) on 2009-04-28 12:56 (Reply)
Love the first one :-) Pearls are so classic and elegant.
#5 Leia (Homepage) on 2009-04-28 13:04 (Reply)
I love 1, 2, and 4, but #3 definitely looks kinda "WTF?" to me.
#6 Sandra on 2009-04-28 13:22 (Reply)
I have one like this from forever 21, it is very heavy and quality looking, I have been wearing it to work with a button up! I like this trend, I often feel a little too country club in my classic single strand of pearls, this trend is a great alternative!
#7 Janna on 2009-04-28 14:09 (Reply)
Love the Jcrew but too expensive
The others are nice too...of course i would wear them
#8 milly on 2009-04-28 14:16 (Reply)
This is a really nice twist on a trend that may otherwise make you feel like a granny! Indeed, I would wear one.
#9 Juliana (Homepage) on 2009-04-28 15:15 (Reply)
oh man, my girlfriend would love those pearl-cluster necklace !
#10 Ralf (Homepage) on 2009-04-28 18:55 (Reply)
A guy reading BB! That is so exciting. My BF is very fashionable, but doesn't know what type of blogs to read. I talk about yours a lot! Anyway this look is awesome and of course I will only try the F21 version. So inexpensive to be fashionable!
#11 Stephanie on 2009-04-29 11:47 (Reply)
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