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Win Cool Stuff: Button Necklace from Twisted Silver

And the winner is... #32 Jenny who wrote, "I would sport the XO brass bracelet. I love the mix of patina on the brass!" Thanks to everyone who participated!

Please note: This contest is now closed, check back tomorrow for the winner!

Twisted Silver is proud to bring jewelry fans their new Button Necklace, which features a collection of vintage-reminiscent buttons clustered like charms in a long, toggle necklace. The Button Necklace will be available on May 12th for $80, but one lucky winning reader of The Budget Babe can have it before anyone else!

To enter, visit then answer the following question in the comments: What other piece would you wear with the Button necklace?

Good luck everyone!

This particular contest is open to U.S. residents only. Be sure to use a valid email address and add info(at) to your safe sender list so we can contact you if you're the winner. Email addresses will not be shared and will only be used to notify you if you're the winner for this giveaway. Comments must be posted by 12 noon ET on Friday May 9 to be eligible to win. One lucky winner will be chosen at random, and will be announced on Saturday May 10.

Wow that is some beautiful jewelry.
I think I would probably wear it with the River Bracelet ( For sure.
#1 George on 2009-05-06 17:44
Nice..I would pair it with Justice Cuff to make it look more edgy!
#2 Nonie on 2009-05-06 17:50
I love the feel of bangles so I think I'd pair it with the 7 Bracelet ( the subtle chain texture and color feels like it would play off the necklace perfectly.
#3 sru on 2009-05-06 17:57
I'd wear a lot of the stuff on the twisted silver site. With the button necklace I'd have to go with maybe the hope duo- earrings:
and the bracelet:
#4 Justine Urbikas on 2009-05-06 18:03
I'd wear it with the Vibe Ring!
#5 E on 2009-05-06 18:21
Either the Justice Cuff or the Twisted Tag earrings. Or both!
#6 Amber on 2009-05-06 18:38
I'd love it with the 7 bracelet (which I just think is super cool). Thanks for sharing!
#7 Sue on 2009-05-06 19:03
That's a great necklace! I think I'd pair it with the Hope Earrings.
#8 Stephanie on 2009-05-06 19:05
I would have to go with the Lithe Silver Earrings. Simple enough not to overshadow the detail in this gorgeous necklace.
#9 Mandi (Homepage) on 2009-05-06 19:42
I would go with the Hepburn earring - such great accessories on this site!
#10 Holly (Homepage) on 2009-05-06 20:07
I love the Athena bracelet, I'd definitely wear the necklace with that. And probably just the simple Wrap Hoops also. So much to adore on the Twisted Silver site!
#11 Jessica on 2009-05-06 20:26
I'd wear it with the small knot ring--simple but chic. I'm thinking about purchasing it!
#12 Kitty on 2009-05-06 21:13
I love the "found object" appeal of these pieces. :-)
It was really hard to choose just one piece, but I love the Nautical bracelet!
#13 ivy on 2009-05-06 21:22
This necklace, and the Swiss Army Ring. Thanks for introducing me to this great brand!
#14 Eileen on 2009-05-06 21:34
I'd wear it with the Scroll ring ( because it is SUPER AWESOME
#15 Sandra on 2009-05-06 21:52
I would probably wear a ring with it, like the Spin ring!
#16 Connie on 2009-05-06 22:37
Fab necklace! I, too, would pair it with the Spin ring!
#17 J on 2009-05-06 23:14
The Scroll ring! It's amazing!
#18 Stacy Z on 2009-05-06 23:22
Too many choices! I love them all but would probably go with the scroll ring because it looks big and like it would make a statement! Thanks BB!
#19 Liz on 2009-05-06 23:53
i'd wear it with the bandwidth and silver bling ring, i seriously am loving this designer. everything is so edgy and still pretty and whimsical at the same time. i love it all!
#20 ashley on 2009-05-07 00:07
I own the funky bracelet which I love. Twisted Silver has such cool and unique pieces.
#21 Diane on 2009-05-07 00:37
Planet bracelet is cute.
#22 Roxanne on 2009-05-07 02:12
I'd have to pair it with the amazing justice cuff!
#23 joleyn on 2009-05-07 04:17
So pretty! I also love the Tre.
#24 zm on 2009-05-07 08:42
How can you choose just one?? I am digging the Bon Bon necklace.
#25 kappapsichica on 2009-05-07 08:44
I love the necklace. I would pair it with the flower dome ring.
#26 Cherie on 2009-05-07 08:59
Very cute necklace hard to choose just one item to pair it with especially since I am addicted to layering jewerly, but the flower dome ring is screaming my name.
#27 Talk Pretty To Me (Homepage) on 2009-05-07 09:15
with that necklace i would wear on one wrist the old world and track bracelet and the flower dome ring. loving this site!
#28 anh (Homepage) on 2009-05-07 09:29
Love the necklace. I'd pair the necklace with the simple Twisted Tag earrings.

Thanks for this site! I love the jewelry which is just my style AND affordable!
#29 Debby on 2009-05-07 09:57
I would wear it with some dangle earrings or the Go-Go belt. Would look fierce!
#30 Meli on 2009-05-07 09:59
They're understated but I'm really liking the tassel earrings. I'd wear them with this necklace, but they would go with almost everything.
#31 Shannon on 2009-05-07 10:15
I would sport the XO brass bracelet. I love the mix of patina on the brass!
#32 Jenny on 2009-05-07 10:46
I love to layer and layer necklaces! This one would be a pretty pairing:
Beatnik Necklace Antiqued Silver

Love the chain and silver combo!
#33 Susan F. (Homepage) on 2009-05-07 10:48
definitely the funky silver matches - yet something is a little off about it - which I love
#34 chris on 2009-05-07 10:49
I love the flower dome ring. It has that subtle wow factor that it just breathtaking.
#35 Ida on 2009-05-07 12:46
The Button necklace would look smashing with my new Aurora bracelet!
#36 Dixie on 2009-05-07 15:10
I would wear it with the matchy Planet Bracelet!
#37 Heather on 2009-05-07 15:38
I would wear it with the Old World silver bracelet!

#38 Shellie (Homepage) on 2009-05-07 16:03
I would LOVE it with the Phatty Bracelet for a delicate look and the Jibe ring
I like the 7 Bracelet as well, but I think they night look like too much, all together
#39 Stina (Homepage) on 2009-05-07 18:20
id wear it the twisted tag earrings

but my other choice would be a white tank with a black blazer
#40 joey on 2009-05-07 18:32
The necklace would look so hot with the Justice Cuff!!
#41 Julia on 2009-05-07 20:45
I think this necklace would look great with stacked bracelets -- the justice cuff and the 7 bracelet together, or for another look...take away the cuff and combine the 7 bracelet with the antique silver beatnik bracelet.
#42 marsha on 2009-05-07 20:52
Love doubling necklaces. I would wear it with
Patchwork Opera
#43 Catherine on 2009-05-08 00:24
Beautiful necklace!!!

I would wear it with the Instinct Pulse Silver necklace as a choker... I am addicted to layering necklaces, and these two would make a great combo!!!
#44 Lauren on 2009-05-08 08:01
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