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alice + olivia for Payless "Beatrix" Sandal: Haute or Not?

I'm usually rather critical of the alice + olivia for Payless line, but I think these "Beatrix" Platform Patent Sandals from the spring '09 collection are pretty fun. With their wacky colorblock coloration and manic mod styling, I think these shoes would look smashing with a Twiggy-esque shift and kohl-lined eyes. What do you think? Haute or not?

Shop it: alice + olivia for Payless Beatrix Patent Platform Sandal, $38 at

I like!
#1 Jenny on 2009-05-11 16:07 (Reply)
I guess I can see some people wearing it, but the color on the bottom... unless it looks any better in person, it kinda makes me want to barf.

Haha, wait, edit: I just switched it to my not-broken monitor and now it looks like a more reasonable khaki color. On my colors-are-messed-up monitor it looks like some sort of mix between regular and fluorescent yellow. Which is :-(
#2 Sandra on 2009-05-11 16:07 (Reply)
mmmmm no.
#3 crista (Homepage) on 2009-05-11 16:28 (Reply)
I like them.
#4 Anne on 2009-05-11 16:42 (Reply)
i dont think so haha

alice + olivia have some crazy input into their line for payless
#5 Neira (Homepage) on 2009-05-11 16:48 (Reply)
Those shoes are a tacky mess!
#6 Mee on 2009-05-11 18:15 (Reply)
I agree with Mee ... tacky and just ugly!
#7 Cynthia on 2009-05-11 19:13 (Reply)
You people are crazy. With a simple LBD or jeans and a plain shirt those are amazing! they look marni-esque.
#8 stacy on 2009-05-11 19:39 (Reply)
I totally love them but could NEVER pull them off! Have a ton of girlfriends who could, though.

I actually featured the same shoes on my blog, too!

I'm always on the hunt for budget-friendly fashion tips and am so glad to have stumbled upon your site. I've added a link to my homepage to your site, too. Want to make sure to share the wealth with my friends! :-)
#9 Katarina K. (Homepage) on 2009-05-11 22:28 (Reply)
Maybe it's the color of the photo, but I'd have to agree that the bottom of those shoes remind me of split pea soup. I don't like split pea soup.
#10 MizzJ (Homepage) on 2009-05-12 01:37 (Reply)
Oh I love them!!
Teamed with the right pair of jeans or even Harem or boyfriend trousers these would look incredible!
Just need to think outside the box a little..
Perfect post xxx xx
#11 The Style Diaries (Homepage) on 2009-05-12 05:05 (Reply)
Agree with The Style Diaries, must think outside the box with these. They will be horrible with the wrong outfit...
#12 jp_uk on 2009-05-12 06:32 (Reply)
I'd pair them with a simple black dress so that the shoes would pop out!
#13 (Homepage) on 2009-05-12 07:31 (Reply)
Ach, I ADORE them!
#14 Sal (Homepage) on 2009-05-12 09:40 (Reply)
funky, funky, funky all day long! That's like shoe art! I love it!
#15 budget chic (Homepage) on 2009-05-12 12:44 (Reply)
I like em...don't think I would buy them myself but I could see them looking nice on other people.
#16 Wanderlusting (Homepage) on 2009-05-12 14:15 (Reply)
I can imagine getting these on an impulse shopping spree. I buy them cuz I'm feeling a bit daring and eccentric that day and for the ok price, why not? Then I bring them home, realize that I have no clothes to wear them with, and they languish in the back of my closet for the next couple of weeks. Eventually, feeling guilty about having wasted money, I bring them out again and put them on, forcing myself to wear them while telling myself that they were a worthy purchase because, oh yes, I can totally put an outfit together with them. Then, I go out in them, feel totally self-conscious and uncomfortable, and few hours later, back in the closet they go.

There are lots of similar looking 70's, early 80's era shoes lying on dusty shelves in thrift/vintage stores near you. Why not go check those out instead?
#17 monica on 2009-05-12 15:15 (Reply)
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