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TBB's Beauty Expert Reports: Tame Your Locks with Sunsilk

If sun-kissed is the look for summer skin, then sun-silked is the look for summer hair. The Budget Babe's Beauty expert shares her favorite haircare products for a sexy 'do at a super hot price. —TBB

It's mid-July, and we ladies—and guys—find ourselves in the middle of the season we like to call “how-do-I-manage-my-hair?” (also known as summer). Now, I hate to toot my own horn here (lie), but when it comes to hair I think I’m the perfect budget-beauty-babe guinea pig. With wavy, layered, half-blonde half-black hair (that through the years has been every shade in between) I’m a pretty good test subject for a whole gamut of products—and I have been.

In the not too distant past, a new product hit the shelves that has really taken off—and for good reason. It has unfailingly taken me from winter, to spring, to summer with miraculous results. A perfect balance of what hair needs, with no side effects to color (dark or light!)

And it is with this confidence that I recommend to every budget babe out there that they stock up on the uber deal that is Sunsilk. The line has a product that's perfect for every hair problem and they ::gasp:: work! When I want to tame my waves I go for the Straighten Up, which gives me soft silky hair without any product feel. Then when I want to go back to waves I use either the Anti-Poof, Hydra TLC or De-Frizz. They all work wonders and I’m proud to say I own the collection. At around $4 bucks a pop, who can afford not to?!

Beauty Tip: Going to the beach or swimming pool? Pop a Hydra TLC 24/7 crème into your bag; apply small dollop post-H20, and tada!!! Gorgeous summer sexy hair (smells lovely too!).

Tips for the budget-beef-cake: Guys, take a hint: super crunchy hair is not that appealing, but neither is a frizzy pile! Solution? Anti-Poof 24/7 crème. Just a dollop to wet hair, let air dry, and you have luscious locks! (Tested and approved on the Budget Beauty Babe’s Beefcake)

Keeping you lovely for less...
The Budget Beauty Babe

P.S. The products also come in no-fuss, no-muss containers that are easy open, easy squeeze and definitely please!

Note: We do not conduct our tests on animals, just each other! :-P

Shown above: Sunsilk Hydra TLC product line, $3.99 each at

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Hey Budget Babe! Thanks for the shout out!

The Hydra TLC is SO my favorite! Have you tried the Summer Threesome? It's amazing!

Anyway, keep up the great blog! LOVE all the tips and info!
#1 Hairapy Guy Micah (Homepage) on 2007-07-21 20:06 (Reply)
Hey Micah, thanks for the kudos! Sunsilk is such a lifesaver...we're gonna have to try the Summer Threesome for sure.
Drop us a line anytime--we're big fans of your blog, too!
#1.1 The Budget Babe on 2007-07-22 18:39 (Reply)
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