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Off the Rack: Spring Fashion at Kmart

The mannequin displays seem stuck in a time warp (note the bouquet of fake flowers). Kmart needs serious help in this department.

I recently scoped out the clothing department at Kmart, a store I have not visited in years. When I was a kid, shopping at Kmart was not something you advertised, even though most of us and our families sorta had to out of necessity. I think the stigma of shopping for clothes at Kmart has diminished somewhat simply because the store has been overshadowed by competitors such as Walmart and Tar-jay (which Kmart is definitely NOT). I don't see myself going out of my way to buy clothing at Kmart since the nearest store is 30 minutes away, however, I will certainly keep an eye on their online offerings, which have improved significantly in recent months. You just never know where you'll score that next bargain that will have everyone asking, "Where did you buy that?" And the secret will be yours to keep, or share if you're feeling generous. Do you shop for clothing or accessories at Kmart? Why or why not?

This rack held plenty of breezy, basic cotton tops that would be perfect for summer but I couldn't find my size. On the flip side, there was no shortage of sizes M-XL, and almost everything was between 25-40% off.

These coordinated knit-tops and skirts were almost cute but the prints lacked sophistication.

This 100% silk blouse was under $15. I just wish the print wasn't quite so bold, though I'd consider wearing it peeking out from under a cardigan or jacket.

I liked these colorful maxi dresses until I discovered they're 100% polyester. At least they won't wrinkle.

More cute and colorful dresses...

More cute maxi dresses that could definitely look hot with the right accessories. I'd definitely pass on the hot pink and white zebra print though...

Gosh, I don't even know where my nearest K-Mart IS! Target's corporate headquarters are here in Mpls, so it's the dominant chain ... but some of these duds are quite cute, especially that blue and white dress. Maybe I'll see if I can't track down a K-Mart.
#1 Sal (Homepage) on 2009-05-27 16:13 (Reply)
there's one in uptown random! i thought they all closed down or something. hehe
#1.1 angela on 2009-05-27 22:38 (Reply)
Lake Street!! Although I would never dream of going in there just because of the neighborhood it's in. Angela, this little gem is definitely NOT part of Uptown.
#1.2 Brit on 2009-05-28 12:20 (Reply)
I hadn't been in a kmart in years but recently on another blog I saw a few dresses from kmart that were actually pretty cute.
#2 Goodbuygal (Homepage) on 2009-05-27 16:36 (Reply)
I recently visited my nearest Kmart and I could not figure out why i had not gone sooner. I love Walmart and Target and I usually don't give much love to Kmart, while I was there I picked up the cutest peep toe kitten heels and I absolutely adore them! I will most certainly keep my eye open for some cute summer pieces!
#3 Angy on 2009-05-27 18:43 (Reply)
they have definitely stepped up in recent months. i've found some cute pieces from there.
#4 The Cheap Chica (Homepage) on 2009-05-27 19:52 (Reply)
I'd shop there. I shop anywhere though. Their styles seem to have improved some but not by much. The dresses are super cute though!
#5 Roxanne on 2009-05-27 20:00 (Reply)
Like Walmart, they carry Lee and Levi jeans that fit my shape better than the fanier brands. That said, having looked around for anything else to buy... it's a wasteland. Still, cute jeans for under $20? You bet!
#6 Shelle on 2009-05-28 06:35 (Reply)
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention: Lee & Levus in PETITE! That's a dirty word at most stores.
#6.1 Shelle on 2009-05-28 06:37 (Reply)
so beautiful.
#7 julia (Homepage) on 2009-05-28 09:56 (Reply)
Its so funny that you did this post. Actually yesterday I posted my Kmart dress! I saw a skirt in the InStyle magazine and thought I should check it out. My nearest Kmart is pretty far away to (on the verge of extinction) I picked up the skirt from the mag and the dress all for under $30!

#8 Talk Pretty To Me (Homepage) on 2009-05-28 10:13 (Reply)
I just did a haul at Kmart. Kmart was bought out by Sears, so thats why you see a change in their apparel offering. They do have some nice stuff, but forget about the store displays....spend that time looking at the clothes. Kmart may not be for everybody obviously, due to personal taste and individual style, but I found a lot of good bargain in there the other night and their quality is good for the price. I can say I will continue to shop here, I like their stuff and you don't have everybody and their momma wearing your stuff like when you shop at Target.
#9 budget chic on 2009-05-28 19:05 (Reply)
I hadn't been in a Kmart in years until last year when I sort of had a "walk of shame" type day with the guy I was seeing at the time...I'd spent the night at his house and he wanted to go out to lunch and then visit a museum, but I didn't have a change of clothes...I was ok with rocking the previous nights outfit for the day...but was not so keen on the idea of wearing the same underwear...yuck! I was wearing a denim skirt so the no-undies thing was out of the I told him I'd hang out but I needed to stop somewhere and get some undies haha (not to keen on wearing undies right off the rack either but hey, I was in a pinch!) ...just so happens that Kmart was down the street from his house...went in there...rediscovered the Joe Boxer line...picked up a pair of boy shorts for the day and they have the cutest lil lacey thongs ( have become my fave undies. Not the BEST quality by any means but they're comfy and cute...I save them for the nights when I know someone's gonna see them! ;-)

While I was in there I picked up 2 pairs of shoes and a hat from the accessories dept. so all in all...not so bad. Not sure I 100% approve of the quality of their clothes...but for quick basics...they work.
#10 Nikki on 2009-05-29 10:22 (Reply)
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