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Product Review: The Instant Button For Jeans

The Budget Babe's resident product-tester-extraordinaire Kiki Bella (an alias) reviews a tiny button with transformative powers. —BB

by Kiki Bella
Have you ever had a button pop off your jeans? The horror! Or have that weird gap between your pants and your lower back? Or your jeans just not fit quite right around the waist? Then I have got the thing for you. It's called the Instant Button™ for Jeans (not limited to pants, shorts, skirts, etc.) and it is fantastic.

When I was first told to review this item I was like, "A button? Lame. But you're the boss lady…" That was before I tried this amazing product and became a believer.

If you, like me, are wondering how on earth a button can save you money, you have got to see this thing. Instant Button for Jeans adjusts your waistline instantly, is removable and is literally the easiest thing to take on and off (without any sewing know-how or danger of hurting yourself).

Product Review: The Instant Button (For Jeans)

All those stretched out waistlines, never-fit-quite-right-jeans, or wait-gained or weight-lost pants (I think this product would just fly off the shelves for pregnant women or new moms) no longer have to be altered, thrown away, donated or sold! Now you can just "alter" your pants in literally five seconds with this easy off and on little button.

It's amazing. My mom wants one, my brother wants one, my therapist wants one (it's that life altering—pun intended).

Get yours online today at for $15.00 for two (they come two in box, which is awesome). Sell one to a friend for $20, (they'll fork over the dough once they see what it does). Oh! And they come in different metallic colors to match your pants. Instant fab.

Um.. wow -this would actually solve my gap problem if it actually works!I need to test it out, KIKI :-)!
#1 Real Style Real People (Homepage) on 2009-08-06 08:24 (Reply)
Another invention that I'm kicking myself for not dreaming up first. LOVE it!
#2 Sally (Homepage) on 2009-08-06 10:29 (Reply)
OMG, this is God sent, bless the people who came up with the idea.
#3 Noopur (Homepage) on 2009-08-06 10:59 (Reply)
why didn't i think of this first? man....
#4 anh (Homepage) on 2009-08-06 12:17 (Reply)
...just wondering if this is the same sort of thing you can find in the notions section at JoAnn's?? Are the buttons there permanent or could they be removed too?? If that's the case I'd rather buy them there and skip the S&H costs ...if not, then I definitely want to order some. ...even though the option for making your jeans a little roomier would look kind of tacky if you were wearing a shorter shirt..."ummm, why do you have 2 buttons on your jeans??" ;P
#5 Nikki on 2009-08-06 15:12 (Reply)
Woot! Woot!
Love it! no more belts!!!
#6 SundayDuffer on 2009-08-06 18:59 (Reply)
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