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Askk BB: Where to Buy Cheap Jeans for Tall Women Inseams up to 37"
Price: $39.80 to $49.80

I have long legs, therefore I have a long inseam. Since I was a kid, I've struggled to find jeans of any shape that fit well, are long enough and won't break the bank. Do you know anywhere I can find jeans that fit this description but don't look or feel cheap? —Beth B.

Many retailers now offer affordable, stylish jeans for tall ladies—blessed with legs that go on for miles!—who need an inseam longer than 34 inches. Here are my top picks. Inseams up to 37"
Prices range from approx. $14.99 (on sale) to $54.90 Inseams up to 36"
Prices range from approx. $19.97 (on sale) to $98 Inseams up to 35"
Prices range from approx. $12.99 to $34.50

Jeanology by Newport-News: Inseams up to 35"
Prices range from approx. $24 to $49

This is great! I have to pas this along to my cousins but how about for short women. Im 4'11" and have the hardest time looking for best fitting jeans.

Thanks in advance!
#1 Anne (Homepage) on 2009-09-29 12:28 (Reply)
Thank you! I have a vertically blessed friend who will appreciate this. :-)
#2 Jen on 2009-09-29 12:32 (Reply)
And another q. along the same lines as Anne's--other than Joe's Jeans "the Provocature" (v. well fitting, but not cheap)--where can those under 5'4 find BELL BOTTOM/flare jeans that fit and flare in the right places? I find that flare/bell bottom type jeans for non-short people (other than the aforementioned expensive Joe's) are not the right proportion. Any advice appreciated b/c we all need AT LEAST 5 prs of bell bottoms!!
#3 arden on 2009-09-29 13:45 (Reply)
Vanity jeans and Old Navy jeans stretch out and warp like its going out of style. Alloys fade like crazy. I've never bought from Delias but I know they have longer pants too.

If you're willing to spend about 100 bucks J Crew has great jeans for tall broads. I hate The Buckle because they only stock light jeans with stupid pocket details and you're LUCKY to find boot cut(hate flared legs) but they do make long jeans too.
#4 anon on 2009-09-30 00:03 (Reply)
Great job, BB! I am almost 6-feet tall and am always looking for long jeans!!

Check out my article on jeans for voluptuous women:

Keep up the good work!
#5 Jessica (Homepage) on 2009-10-09 16:04 (Reply)
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