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Fall Fashion: The Puffy Vest

Down-filled, fur-lined, quilted or knitted, puffy vests are so warm and snuggly that you can't help but love them. Layered over a fitted sweater, puffy vests stand in as substitutes for jackets. Worn beneath a lightweight coat, they provide extra warmth and mileage as temperatures drop. If you're worried they'll add extra visual bulk, pick a more streamlined version in a dark color. With so many styles to choose from these days, there's sure to be a perfect poofy for your wardrobe. Here are six budget-friendly suggestions...

[1] Bitten SJP Navy Puffer, under $20
[2] Gap Camo Hooded Vest, $34.99
[3] Old Navy Frost Free Vest in Oxygen, $39.50
[4] Delia's Fairisle Sweater Vest, $54.50
[5] Forever 21 Safari Vest, $37.80
[6] Forever 21 Plaid Wool Vest, $29.80

The Launch of Twelve by Twelve

The wait is over: Twelve by Twelve, the new "luxe" line from Forever 21, launched September 25th in select stores and online.

What we've seen so far looks promising: uses sexy branding. Clothes are categorized by snazzy names like "Dandy Dolls, "Mystical Forest," and "Modern Art." Each has it's own subtle flavor. Polyester is still prevalent but natural fibers can also be found. The overall color palette is more sophisticated and subdued than it's sister brand. Prices top off at $89 for outerwear.

Until we can get our paws on the real deal, we'll just have to go by what we see online. Here are some standout items from the debut collection...

[1] Downtown Double-knit Jacket, cotton, $69
[2] Cottswald Cocoon Sweatercoat, wool, $48
[3] Oxford Shirtdress, silk, $36
[4] Nostalgic Minidress, silk, $39