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Look for Less: Chanel Wide-Leg Jeans

Leave it to Chanel to pair wide-leg stonewashed jeans with a matching denim bathing suit and generous helping of pearls - and actually make it work. Sort of. On second thought, we're not quite sure about this head-to-toe denim ensemble, but we're willing to at least give the pants a go with Forever 21's Stacy flare jean. Just don't expect us to give up our dark-wash skinnies any time soon.

Chanel inspired wide leg jeans

Left: A look from the Chanel 2008 runway. Image Source:
Right: Forever 21 Stacy Flare Jean, $34.80. Five pocket, flared wide-leg jean with oversized button and zipper fly.

Look for Less: Chanel Striped Blazer

Courtesy Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel's Spring 2008 runway was a veritable parade of stars and stripes and all things Americana. Pay tribute to the red, white and blue in your own version of Old Glory-chic with Forever 21's navy and white wide-stripe blazer. Not feeling the Fourth of July vibe? Rock the jacket with Spring's equally hot nautical trend.

Chanel Knockoff

Left: A look from the Chanel Spring 2008 runway. Image source:
Right: Forever 21 Wide Stripe Blazer, $24.80. 3/4 sleeve wide stripe blazer with single hook and eye closure. Features lined welt pockets, back buckle tab.

Fabrics Go High-Tech(er) in 2008

Does budget fashion breed innovation among designers? While this issue is hotly debated, I'm inclined to think it most certainly does. It would seem only logical that designers at the top have to push their materials, techniques and styles to new horizons in order to keep ahead of the imitators and knock-offs close at their heels.

Here is perhaps one such example of designer innovation, spurred at least in part by the need to stand out from a "sea of imitation," and create a unique and desirable product that can call a high pricetag:

"High-tech fabrics, such as those with anti-microbial or rubberized properties, are increasingly finding their way onto the runways. Burberry is selling a trench coat made from rubberized materials originally developed for scuba diving. Two hundred dollar T-shirts by a company called Established 1887 are embedded with silver chips that have antimicrobial properties to repel stains and odors. As an added benefit, these fabrics are harder to knock off and so help designers differentiate their clothes from a sea of imitation."

What's Your Fashion Secret?

Image source: PostSecret

Dear Readers: When someone asks you, "Where'd you get that [dress, purse, lipstick, etc.]?" - What do you say? Do you tell them the truth or do you make up a wee white lie...? Share your secret in the comments.

Deal du Jour: Hot Pink Denim

These hot pink denim jeans from Forever 21 have got me singing...

"Some say it's mystic
It's electric
Boogie woogie, woogie
You can't resist it
It's electric
Boogie woogie, woogie
You can't do without it
It's electric
Boogie woogie, woogie
Jiggle-a-mesa-cara she's a pumpin' like a matic
She's movin' like electric
She sure got the boogie..."

>> Hot Pink Kaira Skinny Jean, $29.80

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