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Anya Hindmarch for Target Preview

Anya Hindmarch has partnered with Target to launch a limited edition handbag collection priced from around $22. You can preview the affordable and stylish collection now at, and purchase the bags there beginning October 8th. It will then be available at most Target stores from October 12 through December 26th.

I'm glad I put off purchasing a new fall handbag because this collection looks hot. I've wanted something from the English designer ever since her "I'm not a plastic bag" reusable shopping totes created a fashion tidal wave, spurring millions of fashionistas to get their own, thereby inadvertently generating even more of an ecological disaster than was caused by the plastic bags she sought to make extinct (I'm totally kidding! But it sure does make you wonder...)

Anya says, "I have always been interested in mixing high end designer pieces with more mass market finds. I think that confident women are comfortable, and even proud, of doing this." Yup, I'm sold. Are you looking forward to this line? P.S. Thanks to alert reader zeus' mom for the tip on this story!

Workwear on a Budget: The Statement Jacket

J. Crew's pricey but oh-so-pretty metallic bouclé houndstooth Clea jacket, $295

In addition to your basic black, gray and navy blazer, one amazing statement jacket in a rich, textured fabric or beautiful color - perhaps something with gorgeous buttons or trim - is the ideal way to stretch your work-wardrobe budget. It's a piece that will help you project a professional, polished and competent image while still maintaining a sense of your own personal style. Spend a little more on a jacket with a great fit and quality fabric, and you can wear it more than once a week and still look smart.

I recall a previous manager of mine who had a fabulous brocade blazer with a faux-fur trim in a rich tan color (it was way more subdued than it sounds, trust me), and even though she wore it all the time, she always looked perfectly chic. And, she could command everyone's attention whenever she walked into a room. (That jacket held the key to her power, I'm convinced of it.) Here, some options to help you dress for success...

Celery Tweed Jacket
at, $158

MICHAEL Michael Kors Kimono-Sleeve Belted Jacket at, $159.50

REQ Tweed Jacket at, Was $64 Now $37.99

Diane Von Furstenberg wool 'Basia' zip jacket at, $279.00

Garland Boucle Jacket at, $118.00

Fall Trend: The Flat Suede Boot

Steve Madden Suede Slouch boots at, $109

So maybe I was wrong about wellies. Today, it rained all day long, and I swear every man, woman and child was wearing them. As if to mock me. And the more I saw them, the more I wanted to own my own pair. Hey I said I was impressionable. Anyways, let's talk about the opposite of rubber rain boots: The flat suede boot. I'm always hesitant to buy suede because I've always lived in climates that'll chew up suede and spit it out. But at these prices, how can you go wrong? And they have such a soft, stylish look. I'm going to get myself a pair this season. Here are the options I am considering...

Suede flat boot at, also available in black, brown or olive, $39.99

Chinese Laundry Women's Turbo Suede Wedge Boot at, also available in chocolate or black $99.95-$129

Mossimo Kamryn Tall Boots at, also available in brown or gray, $29.99

Sabrina Boot at, also available in black, $69.50

Abaete for Payless Mirabelle Studded Boot at, $55

Uniform Suede Boot at, also available in hunter, cognac and black, $78

Jonathan Saunders for Target Collection Preview

Jonathan Saunders for Target

The full look at Jonathan Saunders for Target is now available, and my excitement level is building as I count down the days until its release on October 5th in stores. Prices range from $14.99–$59.99. I'm a tad dizzy after downloading all 21 looks, so if you have questions about a particular piece, hit me in the comments. And keep reading to see all the looks.

Fug Trend: Wild Wellingtons

So-called fugly shoes have a long history steeped in tradition, from Birkenstocks and Doc Martens, to Uggs and Crocs. (I have personally owned and worn three of the aforementioned four styles. And I still stand by my Ugg boots because they're hella warm.)

By now we've all noticed one of the latest trends in fug-footwear, namely, garishly striped, spotted and otherwise bespattered rainboots, or Wellies as they are affectionately called, named after the original Scottish export, the Hunter Wellington rubber boot.

Fine, I thought. Fun boots for a rainy day. I even considered buying a cheap pair from Target to add some cheer to dreary, gray days when I must still brave the elements and walk my dog.

But now it seems the Hunter boot is poised to become the next official, expensive fugly shoe: has 6 styles in a range of colors, all retailing for over $100 (I should mention they have normal colors like your basic black, brown and navy, too). They're trying to make Hunters cool. My question to you is, are they succeeding? Are you craving a pair of clunky silver rainboots with a can't-miss Hunter label emblazoned on the front as if to say, "I know these are ugly...but they were expensive!"?

Only time will tell...I'm pretty impressionable, especially when Shopbop tells me something is chic. But IF I cave, I'll get something like these "Zetta" navy rainboots from, just $24.99.

Wild Wellies: Fug or fab?