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The Look for Less: Dogeared Peace Necklace

Dogeared at ShopStyle

You've probably noticed Dogeared jewelry at department stores like Nordstrom and Bloomingdales, and perhaps you even collect these diminutive charms which are accompanied with positive, life-affirming messages. Ahhhh. I think they make great gifts but you definitely pay a premium for these tiny everyday jewels because of the brand name. This Dogeared "Peace" necklace in 14k gold-dipped sterling silver/gold filled chain is $68 at

Here's another item you may have spotted…at Target. I noticed these while hunting for some Erickson Beamon on sale. Target has copied Dogeared down to the recycled-cardboard card that comes with each pendant and the sentimental phrase. This polished silvertone finish Peace Pendant with a sterling silver cable chain sells for $14.99 at Target stores and I'm curious to know what the quality is like. You often get what you pay for with jewelry, but not always—I recently paid something like $66 for a Rachel Leigh necklace which tarnished within days of wearing it (and it did not add to the piece's character in any way. It looks dull and lackluster and I hardly wear it anymore.)

Has anyone had any experience with Dogeared? With Target's inspired-by pendants?

Today at Gilt: Jessica Kagan Cushman & Gorjana Jewelry

I know many of you are fans of jewelry designers Gorjana and Jessica Kagan Cushman, and today you can pick up some of their simple yet incredibly chic designs at a big discount over at I bought two necklaces by Gorjana and a Leo Cuff bracelet (seduced by my astrological sign) by Jessica Kagan Cushman for $43. Reasonable, no? Lots of items are priced under $50, so pick up something nice that you can wear everyday this summer or a gift for someone special.

Please use my invitation link to join:

Anna Sui's Gossip Girl–Inspired Target Collection

Anna Sui's Gossip Girl–Inspired Target Collection look book photos

The Cut leaked photos of Anna Sui's Target line waaay back on Friday (eons ago in the fashion world, but with MJ's death I was a tad preoccupied), so in case you missed it, here are 19 looks inspired by characters Blair, Vanessa, Jenny and Serena. Even if you already saw these beauties, let me know what you think in the comments—I'm dying to hear! As for me, I have one word: LOVE. With the exception of looks 10 and 11, I am enamored with all the possibility that this collection holds. Some people are criticizing the looks, saying they aren't true to the Gossip Girl characters, but frankly, I'm kinda glad they're merely referencing the teen drama and don't fall into the realm of costume. Besides, "inspired by" means just that. It's a springboard for ideas, not meant to be taken too literally. Diehard GG fans may disagree. Another plus for me is that Anna Sui's high-end design aesthetic really comes through, which is always something I look for with these mass collabs. Overall, this collection looks far more promising than the nonsense we got from Sui's Designer Collaboration predecessor, Alexander McQueen. Then again, I loved the McQ look book but didn't care for the end result. Fingers crossed for Sui.

The Anna Sui for Target line will be available in 250 select stores and September 13 through October 17.

Keep reading to see all the looks (in no particular order)...

Anna Sui's Gossip Girl–Inspired Target Collection look book photos