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What to Wear: New York City in May

I am headed to New York City for a 4 day, girls-only trip near the end of May. I was hoping you could help put together some practical, yet stylish, outfits for touring the city as well as something to go out for dinner in. I am on a low budget and in dire need of fashion advice! I love the effortlessly stylish looks you've put together in the past. If you could help, that'd be amazing! Thanks!!!! —J

Springtime in New York City is beautiful. May temps go into the 70s, a little cooler in the evenings, but it's always a good idea to dress in layers since weather is predictably unpredictable. Wear comfortable shoes so you can do lots of walking and pack light so you can do lots of shopping! Bring things you can wear more than once and accessories that do double duty (like the adorable metallic cross-body bag I found, you'll see it below!)

Here are three outfit ideas featuring items under $100 (most are much less) to help you enjoy your NYC vacation in style & comfort: