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Ask BB: What to Wear on a First Date

After getting out of a 3+ year abusive relationship a few months ago—and after lots of therapy—I am finally ready to get back on the horse and try dating again. However, I realized I need some cute outfit ideas from YOU! What do you wear on a first date? For example, drinks and dinner, [or] out to a movie/park? —S

First of all, I'm honored you would ask for my help. It sounds like you've been through a lot and you're ready to move on, and I sincerely applaud you for your courage and strength. When it comes to first date outfits, my advice would be to wear what makes you feel comfortable, beautiful and confident. Everyone wants to make a good impression on a first date, but it's important to just stay true to yourself. Keep it classy and don't forget to wear your best accessory: A smile!

OK, now that I got the motivational speech out of the way, here are three outfit ideas to help you get started—click on any image for details!

The Look for Less: Erica Anenberg Two Finger Ring

Erica Anenberg's stylish rings are designed to fit across two fingers and come in a wide array of colors and styles. This Black Diamond Twosome Ring sells for $138 at Max & Chloe but I've seen them go for less on sites like, and

Forever 21 has a much cheaper alternative. For $4.80, you can try this trend without making a big investment.