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Ask BB: Supportive Bras for Summer Clothes

I can't find bras that give good support and are comfortable yet are still well hidden when wearing off-shoulder/bareback/low neckline dresses or tops. SOS! Your Fan, Denise in Distress

If there's one thing I learned while working at it's this: Make sure you are wearing the right size bra! Many women are not, and that goes for all women regardless of size. Use an online guide or better yet, go get a complimentary in-store bra-fitting at a place like Nordstrom. Finding the right size bra can be life changing for you and the girls.

Next, be sure to try on bras before you buy, even if you think you know your size. Each style will fit differently. Here are a few places to look:

This convertible bra by Cacique for Lane Bryant has received great customer reviews. I'm sure it's not perfect but it will work with lots of different tops. The clean lines and flesh tone are another plus (forget lace and frills, what you want it smooth, comfy support).

Another affordable amazing bra brand is Olga, which you can find at Kohls on sale. This bra will give you smooth coverage under many sleeveless dresses and tops.

Yet another option is to find a camisole with built-in support; this one's strapless but you can always layer a regular camisole under many tops/dresses for additional support which will add interest to your outfit as well.

What are the best bra/undergarments for your summer wardrobe? Are there certain styles you found work best? Certain styles to avoid?