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Ask BB: Theyskens' Ankle Strap Wedge Pumps for Less

I'm currently obsessed with Theyskens' Theory wedges. (shown below). I'm a huge fan of the ombre, but would love the style in a solid as well. However, the price tag for these is pretty steep, so if you could find an affordable version of them, I would be overcome with gratitude! —Elizabeth H.

Theyskens' Theory at ShopStyle

I've loved these wedges ever since I saw my girl Nitrolicious wearing them (here). I'm surprised no one has done a DIY version of the ombre yet with some black spray paint - or maybe they have and I just haven't seen it! Anyway, here are some looks for less:

UK Style by French Connection at Sears: Off the Rack

Yesterday I stopped at Sears to check out the UK Style by French Connection collection, my first time seeing the line in person. The racks were tightly packed with a range of sweaters, knit tops, pants, jeans, as well as a few pairs of shorts, dresses and leggings in a mostly muted palette of neutrals like gray, black, camel, ivory and olive. Considering the woeful store displays and disorganization, the original prices on this collection seem staggeringly high and overpriced. But nearly everything was on clearance, making a $78 sweaterdress seem infinitely more reasonable once marked down to $24.99. I thought the sale prices were great, scooping up a Fair Isle sweater for $12 and leopard jeans for $25 (I tweeted that these were $12 but realized my mistake when I got home. Still not bad!). I don't think this collection will appeal to everyone, but I liked a lot of the pieces, they have that Euro/fashion vibe while still remaining understated and not too trendy. If you can time it so you shop UK Style on sale, I think it's a definite "win" and a must-stop shop for budget babes. What's your experience been with UK Style?